Another Failed Promise by Trump



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  1. Joseph Biden, brainiac of Deleware March 9, 2018

    Jobs, a three letter word j-o-b-s, jobs.

  2. This joke never gets old….

  3. That was silly

  4. All his promised will be fails or will prove to be desastrous.

    • Old industries growing, new ones in decline. US is going backwards. That’s not progress, that’s the climb before the fall. America won’t be great – it will be a shithole.

    • Conservatives are unable to see a bigger picture, along with their inability to recognize context and nuance. Like a goldfish, whatever they see at any given moment is the world as they understand it.

    • The sad thing is they think we are against them. Against America. That we don’t want to see America great again. But that’s far from the truth. We want to see America thrive. Thrive with us together. As friends. For a better future. For a better America. For a better world.
      But Trump spits into the faces of America’s friends, poops on offered hands and calls us names. The small-minded King in the White House is the U.S.’s greatest enemy at the moment.
      First he takes away your friends. Then he will lay ruin on the land of the free, ripping apart society. After that he will sell you to Putin and the wolves.

  5. @MAGAster: Facts have no place in a political discussion…..

  6. I wouldn’t open that site even if I was forced

    • Why not? He’s trying to use the statistics pro Trump. Hillarious. So sad.

    • Lenin's momma March 9, 2018

      They only believe their news organs.

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