Brilliant Protest Signs



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  1. Yes. Leftists ARE that *thick*…! (tee hee)

    • Go Kauf something. But don’t go over $10. You are poor, remember?

    • No rightiest signs. So, righties have no opinion or no fantasy. Definetly no humor. They have nearly nothing. Just greed and hate. Right?

    • Oh, Colombino(1) and D(2) are *such* astute intellectuals…
      if by astute intellectual you mean
      (1) I retired very young and rich enough to live happily…so, kiss my ***!
      (2) You’ve clearly never been to “I Own The World Reports” or “The Peoples Cube” or dozens of other sites, you poor, poor, inbred retarded Leftist (sorry for the redundancy).

    • Hahaha, I am an intellectual? I’m a humble worker. And yes, I am quite poor at the moment.
      Retired young and rich, eh? So you are part of the elite. You ARE the establishment – like Trump is. You are a disgusting hypocrit. All you tell us are lies. You have no honor.

  2. It's a jeep thing.... November 16, 2016

    The tortilla struggle is real!

  3. TJW Temporal Justice Warriar November 17, 2016

    I go to the movies, only whites time travel. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a police box in the UK or a Delorian in the US. This is temporal injustice!

    • Not true anymore! The new TV show ‘Timeless’ has a black time traveler! He is the driver… hahahahahahaha!

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