20 Times Kids Came Up With Their Own Brilliant Words For Common Items



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  1. Hand sock. In German a glove are called Handschuh which means “Hand Shoe”

  2. Not your mom June 8, 2018

    Dear God, please let me inhabit a garden of dead people.

  3. Parents are dumb. You lose brain cells once your child is born.

    • Conceived, I think.
      For proof, look at a man’s face when his girlfriend says the magic words “I’m pregnant”. THere is no intelligence there …

  4. When my daughter was around 3 she kept telling me her hiney burped,when ever she passed wind.

  5. Anonymous May 7, 2021

    One of my younger brothers called a fire truck a “water truck” when he was little. Because it brings water to put the fire out.

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