Triggered Feminist Liberal Genderfluid Logic



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  1. He’s trendy with his blue hair.

  2. Nothingsacred September 2, 2017

    That’s the face of a man peeing outside.

    • In Bavaria, that’s called WOIDBIESLN (pronounded: void-bee-zeln)!
      A guadn!

    • Buch speaks good German. Like a real Nazi. They also began in Munich.

    • You mean the same people nowadays siding with Islamic terrorists disguised as refugees?

    • WordsOfWisdom September 3, 2017

      … keep your enemies closer.

    • No Kauf, wrong again. In Bavaria it would be called ‘Wuidbiesln’.

      What you said in Bavarian would translate ‘peeing in the woods’ instead of ‘peeing outside’ which was what you claimed it would mean. ‘Wuidbiesln’ actually translates ‘peeing rampantly’ basically meaning that you do it somewhere else than in the rest room, basically outside.

      You claim to be German, Kauf, but you are clearly not. You have some knowledge that might fool the ones not in the know, though.

      Furthermore, it wouldn’t be ‘a guadn’ (Ein guten – what’s that supposed to mean? The grammar of a five-year-old.) but ‘an guadn’ (Einen guten – Appetit) meaning ‘Enjoy your meal’. Again, Kauf, you fail. So sad, total loser.

      @Dat: No, he doesn’t. His knowledge of the Bavarian language for instance leaves a lot to desire. He is making very stupid mistakes that one would expect from maybe a ten year old (at best). Oh…

  3. Yep!
    The DEAD END of Leftists around the world.

  4. Curiositykilledthedog September 2, 2017

    What does woidbiesln mean?

    • This would translate ‘peeing in the woods’, but this actually isn’t used in Bavaria at all. Kauf Buch made that one up or rather showed his lack of knowledge. In Bavaria people would rather say ‘Wuidbi(e)sln’, meaning peeing somewhere rampantly (like onto a lamppost).

  5. Man wanting a light September 3, 2017

    This is the water, this is the well, drink full and descend; the horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.

  6. Computer Science guy sitting across from graphics dept. September 3, 2017

    This is why I avoid the graphics department, they also compost in the company fridge.

  7. The only places where I have EVER encountered the angry phrase “did you just assume my gender?” is in places that are mocking it.
    Real people who are misgendered will just correct you. If they think you’re worth the trouble.

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