Britain vs. USA: The Self-Destruction Competition



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  1. The Good German June 27, 2016

    That’s what you get following people that talk about freedom and self determination, but ban the press from their events and build walls.
    A wall always works in two ways. One will be kept out, the other kept in.

    • Sounds like you’re talking about the Democrat National Convention in Philly.

  2. Lol yeah because so many people are trying to flee America. By the way, hows your immigration going? From the news reports of rapefugees/rapecationers it sounds like you’re getting another round of government that you deserve.

    • It’s not that many. Don’t believe everything Fox news tells you. For good quotes they even tell lies.

    • Hey yurp, you’re doomed.

  3. Cats > Iceland > England > Usa > Intrusive ads on Eatliver.

  4. If by “screwing themselves up”, you mean opt out of globalist world domination schemes, then I’m all for continuing to screw things up.

  5. I like it when socialists are getting there pants wet. Your time is over and if you don’t like it go to venezuela, cuba or north corea.

  6. Funny and moronic. One half agitates against EU as a socialist project. Other half agitates against it as a capitalist project. I don’t think you get the point in all this.

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