Be Realistic!

Be realistic!

8 thoughts on “Be Realistic!”

  1. I wish that poor on-the-spectrum-girl stranded in LA can find her way home.

  2. Still smarter than you.

  3. Dont make fun of the mentally ill

  4. Autism is no illness. It’s a disorder. The definition is that an illness could be healed. A disorder can only be treated.
    And usually the problem of high functioning autists aka aspergers like Greta is not their autism. It’s other people. Because, let’s be honest, most people just suck. Like the TO.

  5. it’s not autism, it’s dyslexia. that’s why she’s asking santa for brexit, when it’s satan she needs. 😈

  6. @ Rupert – Good advice, let’s leave the Americans alone

  7. Autism is neither an illness nor a disorder…it’s the cure for the human condition.

  8. It has it’s benefits, sometimes. When no NTs are around.

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