Women’s March vs. Men’s March Against Fascism



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  1. Step 1: Prohibit women from fighting in a war.
    Step 2: Make fun of women for not fighting in that war.
    Classy, Eat Liver guy.
    You tell them broads!

    • Here’s the point the two photos are making:
      Middle class feminists protesting “fascism” in an age where, in the west, men and woman are completely equal under the law. After the march, these ‘woman’ will go back to their comfortable home, have dinner and be able to watch Netflix with their cats.
      Men going into battle to fight against a force that is actively trying to genocide a people and actual fascism (see: World War II, beaches of Normandy.) After the war the man will go back, likely physically and emotionally injured, that is, if he lives at all.

    • So, Kombi, because these woman aren’t actively living in squalor or dodging bullets they should just shut up and make their man a sammich?
      This is why they need to march. ******* idiot.

    • @Rattus: Kombi didn’t say anything about “making a sammich for their man”. He said “watch Netflix with their cats”. Be honest.

    • cafcaf – Netflix and cats are for the single ladies. You know that those who managed to snag a fella need to be laying out the ham and cheddar, followed by a scrubbing out his hard-earned skidmarks.

    • “an age where, in the west, men and woman are completely equal under the law.” – Yea great, burglary is also illegal, so it doesn’t happen, so the law doesn’t need to be enforced, so we don’t need locks or police, that’s super great news.

    • @Rattus: I got the Netflix remark, don’t worry. But the second part is your words, not his. Still not honest.

    • cafcaf – no, not his actual words, but I’m pretty sure that anyone ****** enough to denigrate a woman who is interested in making positive change in the world as an essentially lonely “cat lady” (and cats are awesome – what sane person wouldn’t want one or two) is also ******* enough to feel that those who have encumbered themselves with a mate should be putting all their free time into the care and feeding of said mate.
      And when I say encumbered, let me be clear. I have a husband – he is awesome. I am not encumbered by him, nor he by me. An encumbrance is the “make me a sammitch and vote the way I vote” sort.

    • Oh Rattus, the projection is strong with you.

  2. the bad german January 26, 2017

    These marching things has really turned me off women for a while.

  3. You hear that ladies? EatLiver is suggesting we take up arms.
    Do men really not know what they want? Make a sammitch, shoot the menfolk. Psshht.

    • Rattus = fat b!tch that has nothing better to do.

    • Awww Joe. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Do you need to go to your safe place?

  4. Anyway the US joined WWII late, really begrudgingly. Not when Japan attacked China, starting the first real conflicts of WWII. Not when Germany had invaded and controlled Poland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, France and the Axis had controlled most of western europe. Not when it was known jews were being imprisoned and sent to concentration camps for slave labour and mass murder.
    Nope, US went to war because they wanted to stay out of the war and so stopped selling iron to the Japanese, who bombed Pearl Harbour in retaliation. And then that was only against Japan, and it wasn’t until Germany and the axis declared war on the US that the US went to Germany.
    So sure you can downplay the largest civil rights protest in US history if you want, but the US didn’t go to war to end fascist Germany, war came to them.
    Tired of this sexist shit, Eatliver.

    • You sure used a lot of words to say “I’m butthurt”.

    • Yea, that ****** Pepe attitude is all over the net. Only thing you can do is use adblockers on sites like this so they don’t make money off you watching their backward bullshit.

    • And why is Pepe so obsessed with hurting butts? Is he maybe so grumpy cause he’s in a closet? Go ask Milo for help with that…

    • UberAmeriMan February 8, 2017

      Mooo… Moooooo…..
      The report of our fathers & grandpas M1 rifles killing actual Nazis.

  5. No affirmative action January 26, 2017

    Women wanted to be Rangers and Seals but couldn’t cut it, so the military eased up the requirements. The women still couldn’t cut it. They want to be firemen, but can’t carry an unconscious 200 lb. victim down five flights of smoky stairs. Stick to being a dispatcher.

  6. Neurologist January 26, 2017

    Be kind and remind me how many US civilians were killed in WW2. I think it was around 300. Worldwide civilian deaths? Around 45,000,000.
    So, dear Americans. Please stop making fools of yourselves. OK? Thanks.

    • It’s good to have a big ocean on either side of your country. It would also help if Europeans would quit starting huge world wars.

    • You americans are on your best way to keep it up.

    • UberAmeriMan February 8, 2017

      Hey ****head…. where do you think our soldiers come from ?

  7. What did you expect? Should those women have landed in the Normandie right now to fight against something that happens in the US? Doesn’t make sense, eh.
    Should these women get themselves armed and kill their enemy? Doesn’t make sense either.
    They do what they can do at the given time, as did the allied soldiers back in the 1940s. A protest wouldn’t have helped back then, would it! It may raise awareness today where shooting others may rather get one to prison.

  8. Don't eat liver. It's gross January 26, 2017

    …What fascism? It’s stupid people with mob mentality who don’t have a clue what they are marching about. Donald Trump might be an idiot, but there is no fascism being implemented… Just a lot of morons.

    • Their (American fascists) final objective toward which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection. – Henry A. Wallace

  9. German Machine Gun January 26, 2017

    Kauf Buch would have pi**ed and sh*t his pants and swam back over the Channel.

  10. Eatliver is going to the rats. Poor rejected nerds in mommies basement.

  11. …Looks like the girl on the right’s biggest struggle is keeping out of the ice cream at 2am… Holy hell, what are those lumps below her waist… Well… At least she’s walking

  12. If we had a few more of the first, we’d have a few less of the second.

  13. I’m confused. Does the idea that the women are fat and ugly mean that fascism is now a good thing in your eyes?

    • Killyourself January 30, 2017

      There is no fascism here, you idiot. Just because you keep repeating a falsehood doesn’t make it true.

  14. Gaslighting. Try again.

  15. The Lone Wonderer January 30, 2017

    The child of my friend asked “Why does that woman have a butt on the front?”. Has a point.

  16. fascism : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
    Example: trying to circumvent legislation through unconstitutional executive orders(dictatorial). suppressing the sharing of scientific studies and information through gag orders(forcible suppression). Deleting relevant scientific environmental information because it doesn’t match ones beliefs(social regimentation). And much more. I’m pretty sure that’s fascism, unless of course you consider the dictionary part of the liberal media.

  17. The Sad Monk May 23, 2019

    Hang on…,
    Where are the woman in the first picture?

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