Having a Brain Is Overrated


You have brain cancer. Well remove the brain. You can't live without a brain. Flat-earthers seem to do just fine.


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  1. Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
    Friday, finally what a week. May have to throw one of my kids under
    the bus. Probably the girl, she has a rich husband who can afford the
    lawyer fees. (just been us, you can hire one of those vulture lawyers,
    but that doesn’t me you gotta pay him).
    Can hardly wait, the limo is picking me up soon to take me to TGIF.
    I like to get there early before happy hour to get a good table close
    to the buffet. Hot Chicken wings, and deep fried cheese balls, double
    Chicken wings, even the so called buffalo wings are small, maybe
    use turkey wings, or maybe Canada Goose wings. I’ll bet even a fat
    glutton could not eat more than six. If this idea catches on maybe,
    (I really mean definitely) they could slip me a few bucks for such a
    grand idea.
    Gotta go James (not his real name) is here with the limo.

    • Hi, my name. Is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
      Sorry folks, I am in a bad, yes bad mood. I paid a highly recommended
      lawyer 3 million bucks of your donated money, and now he is no where
      to be seen. I could have upgraded a few of my luxury automobiles with
      that cash. I may need you people stand by for emergency donations.
      My tummy is a bit upset today, I think I ate a bad shrimp with my 16 oz.
      beef steak last night. Just to make a point I put my chef on notice. One
      more boo-boo and he’s gone.
      I have been concerned about hurricane Ian, I thought my country club
      was in danger, but to my relief this storm is somewhere else. Whew!!
      Ducked an other bullet, my good luck continues.
      Talk later, afternoon mint juleps being served.

    • Send Trump to Russia. He said he could stop the war. SEND HIM OR LOCK HIM UP.

    • Plagiarism is rampant in this forum.

    • Donald T September 30, 2022
      Plagiarism is rampant in this forum.

    • Donald T is public domain.

    • The true Donald T October 1, 2022

      Copy cat, I will give you the evil eye. The curse you now have
      will make your pubic hair fall out.

    • Said another fake Donald T.

  2. Scary Putin believes he is a reincarnation of Peter the Great.
    He has proved he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. He has
    no respect for his high command, so has taken over. He feels
    every Russian citizen should sacrifice their lives to win his war.
    Russias elites got rid of Stalin with poison, maybe the should
    give Putin a gold chalice to drink from.

  3. People shouldn’t shame a planet for it’s breast size.

    • At least small size won’t suffocate you. Happens quite often with the big ones. Dangerous.

    • Breasts small, medium, or large are nice. What is the best are the nipples.
      I like the long ones you can hang a hat on. They stay erect well after the
      boobs sag out.

    • How would you know? All you see are pictures. Photoshop.

    • Photoshop gives the fat and ugly a chance.

    • Thank you, Photoshop. Great.

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