You Can’t Live Without a Brain



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  1. former Marine February 26, 2018

    We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

    Benjamin Franklin

  2. Oh really well ok I can take a joke at me once in a while

  3. Conservative February 26, 2018

    You should, not just once in a while

    • Do you not know what the word “reply” means? Why am I not surprised?

  4. And here we find an example of the cleverest conservative humour available. So sad, poor conservatives. So sad that your jokes are mined wholesale from “Jokes for Toddlers” books.

  5. When you realise that 98% of commentors on this site are liberals
    Ima out of here

    • That is actually quite typical behaviour for a conservative. If you go to a left-leaning site, you will find that the conservative comments are left in situ. If you go to right-leaning sites, including all those idiotic MRA ones, comments from liberals tend to be deleted. Why? Because you people are cowards who need to have all your half formed ideas regularly validated without repudiation, and can’t even go pick up a box of Cap’n Crunch without carrying your gun.

    • @Norvegicus 100% accurate analysis. They’re best at everything they blame their opposition of. Censorship, discrimination, fraud, tax evasion, violence, conspiracy, high treason, murder, etc. It’s they same everywhere with this fascist scum of the earth. Attacking others, throwing themselves on the ground and playing the victim.

    • @Norvegicus
      It would be a waste of time trying to argue with you.

    • @U-MAX, for you, yes it would. I have been bested in the past, but always by intelligent people.

    • Butthurt liberal February 27, 2018

      Ahhh, that explains the feeble insults.

  6. That’s correct. I’ve been living for decades so far. Doctors said I’d die immediately without a brain, but here I am, alive and voting democrats.

    • I don’t vote in american elections. Fail.

    • So let me get that clear: you don’t live in the USA but you’re overconcerned about the American president?

    • You do realize that the actions of that psychopath potentially affect the rest of the world, from trade deals to nuclear war, don’t you? So yes, we are absolutely concerned.

    • I see his actions are affecting positively American lives while other countries expect POTUS to be concerned over their citizens. You have no rights to demand X or Y American president if you are not even American legal resident. None, nada :)
      Currently China actions affect way more the world than USA. They are richer (they practically own USA debt and are one or 2 years ahead of having bigger GDP), they pollute more, they have more influence over critical regions, they are true dictatorship, they truly violate human rights, they have nuclear power.
      But Europe is so spoiled in having USA babysitting them, that they got scared when a POTUS says we no longer will put other countries above our own. Go take care of your own life and let Americans choose their own leadership.
      I know, Europeans are not used to have individual responsibility and expect government to take care of their citizens, but in USA it’s the other way around. USA doesn’t want your socialism/”globalism”. You should be more concerned about your own govern.

    • And BTW, if you’re concerned about trade deals, go talk to *your* politicians instead of acting as if you have rights to chose other country’s government.

    • Yeah, I’ll bear all that in mind when Pathetic Psychopath, King of all the Half-wits, finally pushes the button in a fit of thin skinned pique.

    • Nothing but your delusional liberal brainless mind tells he is starting a nuclear war. Russia is the nuclear threat, Iran, NK, those are the nuclear threats you should be worried and China is the one with leverage on them.
      You Europeans are just spoiled brats who suddenly became orphan from dad USA and are too afraid to be responsible for yourselves.
      You talk about some other country’s president as I’d you have any right for it, probably because of your globalist culture where it’s acceptable to have bureaucrats in EU bypassing each other sovereign, but USA is not part of that. If you’re really concerned about the world, go after the real tyrants. China is the new power, and it’s a dictatorship. Grow a pair and fight it.

    • US presidency would be funny if nukes weren’t involved. Trump is already planning his next campaign. Let’s see if you Americans even get to vote. Possible he will declare himself king or emperor. And people will applaud him.
      Or did he meant champaign???

    • You can’t even believe what your liberal mind says. USA is a democracy and president needs congress approval to declare war against any country. Trump has never violated any point of democracy nor is planing to took over the country as dictator.
      Anyway, Europe is full of nuclear weapons too, so is China, India, soon to be Iran, NK.
      You’re not concerned about nuclear weapons because you don’t care about NK and Iran, you’re just desperate for not having dad USA having your back anymore, and act like a teenager angry with the parents.

    • Tad, it could not have been said any better.

  7. I don’t get it.

  8. Doctor Watson February 26, 2018

    Brainless republican POTUS just announced he would have stopped the Parkland shooter even without a weapon.

    • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this. Laugh because, well, it is just so laughable. Cry because of empathy for the sane, stable, decent Americans who were saddled with this atrocity by a horde of loud-mouthed, ill-natured halfwits.

    • That’s “POTUS Asteriscus IV”

  9. Confused liberal February 27, 2018

    Liberal and proud of it

    Well not really

    Actually not proud not proud at all

  10. Butthurt liberal February 27, 2018

    lol, the liberal butthurt is strong on this thread.

  11. Do you conservative Americans actually realise that the entire rest of the planet stare in open mouths horror at the ridiculousness of your president? What exactly is it that prevents you from seeing he is an immature lying megalomaniac buffoon? If he wasn’t so dangerous it would be quite funny but the world waits with baited breath in the hope that they will see him ousted from power before the fat toddler turns the planet in to a smoking ember. Still, it was to be expected in a country that routinely gives power based on celebrity as opposed to reason and who are under the delusion that the solution to the utterly appalling gun problem is to arm more citizens (when the real solution is both simple and blindingly obvious.) But, alas, the whole country will no doubt continue to stumbler about blindly in confusion, tripping over the bodies of their slaughtered school kids while voting in movie stars and fundamentalist Christians who believe it’s all the will of their big invisible sky fairy. Oh, and for the tiny minority of you who have realised that there are actually other places outside of the USA, when you travel, please try and be about 200 percent quieter, and 1000 percent less ‘amurica’, (cue banjo playing boy from Deliverance)

  12. Not to worry February 27, 2018

    Mika Brzezinski will tell all liberals what to think, she said so.

  13. I don’t usually join with these arguments, but could it be that most if not all of Euro fails to understand the American way of government? You folks in Europe never have had a republic form of government. You folks started out under a monarchy and only recently (in the last 100-150 years) slowly switched to an elected representative form of government. You truly do not understand how Americans feel about individual freedom. Your DNA expects a King or Queen to direct your actions. Before you nay-say, how many of the Monarchy still exist in Europe even if they don’t rule with an iron fist? How many monarchies have existed in America? I pause now while you subjects of the crown reply? My breast is open, tear me asunder.

    • Amen. Europeans talk as if they have the rights to dictate USA presidency. They want Americans to choose the best American president for Europe. The amount of European people crying when POTUS said he’ll consider America first is ridiculous. Go mind your own government, and let American sovereign in peace. Your government should do the same and think about your countries first.

    • @Tad, you fecking idiots proclaim yourselves to be the “leaders of the free world”, put a loud-mouthed moron on the throne who opines at large about other countries, and are then irrationally incensed that the rest of the world is concerned.

      Think about your neighbourhood. Picture a gun-toting, loud-mouthed, abusive bully who keeps a pickup on blocks in his front yard, pitbulls in the backyard, and beats his wife every Saturday night. If that neighbour doesn’t concern you, then I’m afraid you are that neighbour and will not understand this analogy.

    • No, you Europeans proclaimed USA as your dad and wants POTUS to act accordingly. Being a free world means USA won’t kneel for your euro feelings.
      You have no telling in who Americans elect as American president. You can be as butthurt as you want, but from now on you need to look for your own leader to fight for your own.
      And if there’s one neighbor violating other is the south neighbor. They keep violating the border as if, because of their own corruption and mistreat of their own people, they have rights to the northern neighbor’s territory.
      No country in the world takes as much illegal immigrants as USA does. Most European countries don’t even have as much as citizens as USA does only in illegal immigrants.
      So, then again, you have no telling in how USA takes care of its own sovereign. Do you know a country that doesn’t care for their neighbors? China. It’s right now expanding its territory by bullying its smaller island neighbors, while USA is merely taking care of its own territory.
      You liberals are brainwashed to hate your own western civilization and forget out there there are real threats.

    • I do hope you at least take decent care of your pitbulls and that the wife hits back once in awhile.

    • That’s usually what I say when I can no longer use logics in a discussion.
      My dad USA orphaned me, I’m very sad and can’t process that.

    • Actually, I am your Dad, Tad. You USies are my offsprings. Bad ones, but still.

    • @EUro you got your ass kicked out of here and since then keep crying for help whenever Europe gets a mess. You can’t even defend yourselves and need USA to send military to defend Europe against Russia.
      But hey, I totally support your political independence. Be responsible for your life and let uncle Sam handle uncle Sam’s business.
      It’s kind of creepy how Europe is so concerned about USA politicians.

    • AreYouSerious February 27, 2018

      Don’t feed the troll.

      It’s obvious Tad is a throwaway joke account. No one would write something this ignorant and arrogant and mean it.

      “You need leader as strong and brave as Trump”. Seriously now…

    • What part is the ignorance?

    • “Leader as strong and brave as Trump”. Yeah, the guy who played sick not to go to Vietnam.
      He would have stormed that school empty handed. Yeah, but only if the attacker would have had no weapon and were a woman. So he could grab her by the p…

    • Have you noticed, Tad, that all they can do is call names and throw insults?

    • Hail Trump,, our King and God!!!!!!

    • The fact that conservatives are blind to all the libtards, snowflakes, and SJWs tossed about willy nilly by their brethren would be astonishing if it wasn’t common knowledge that you are opposed to all that elite book learnin’.

    • I do, @BigR. When they lack logic and facts to back their argument, they try to (unsuccessfully) appeal to the “higher moral ground” tactics.
      That’s the fun on arguing with the left: they expose to the ridiculous their mind.

      Trump is horrible for who has the mind stuck on monarchy, because he advocates for sovereign, small and self government, individual responsibility. But all they can do is calling names and label others.

    • @TV Watcher: the power of monarchs varied greatly between European countries and over the ages. In my country, The Netherlands, the king received a Dear John letter in 1581 (for your reference: that is well before your pilgrim fathers set sail) and we remained a republic until Napoleon invaded (1795).
      And no, Europa does not want to elect the POTUS. We just look on in amazement on how he wants to make America great again by discontinuing the very policies that made America great (like free trade agreements). On top of that, and independent of the policies, we are appalled by the utterances and tweets by the current incumbent, which are a serious disgrace to the office and the country.

    • It was so nice of Norvegicus to prove my point!!

    • @BigR, you dullard, did you not notice the joke we are all commenting under? Why, I believe it’s conservatives proclaiming liberals to be brainless. And you lot wonder why we think you’re stupid.

    • How many US soldiers are buried in European military graveyards? Now, how many European soldiers are buried in US military graveyards? Pound sand.

    • @Norvegicus You just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper…….

  14. I’ve said my say and this is last comment. I may come back when everyone (that means ALL OF US) grows up and learns cooperation and love. We ALL are the highest controlling life form but badly out numbered by the smallest life forms. The smallest life forms will win. We are just a food source for them. Kisses and hugs all around. Mmmwhaa!

  15. former Marine March 1, 2018

    60 posts generated with one Benjamin Franklin quote. Whether you follow Thom Hartmann or Alex Jones, liver is delicious.

  16. Conservatives – can’t handle intelligence and morality so insult the opposition.

    By the by, Europe cares about the POTUS because they are allies and we don’t need an ally like Trump around.

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