Boris Johnson’s Secret Plan


He's a genius!


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  1. Yes. It’s exactly how it would work. In reality he’ll become trump’s bitch and the Brits will start enjoying chlorinated chicken, import great American cars with reversed ban on carbon emissions, and destroy every wind turbine. NHS will thrive because UK would become cancer free. Good riddance!

    • colonel sanders August 26, 2019

      ok, so i’ve got to know, what is chlorinated chicken??? 🐔🐓🐣

    • @colonel sanders, in the US butchered chicken is treated with chlorine as a means of disinfection. This is quite uncommon in other parts of the world, but unlike GOPtards suggestion it is actually not much of a big deal.

    • Imagine your chicken bathed in a chlorinated baby pool. That’s like it. No doubt the British will love that. It’s not far from British food. Or beer.

    • Actually, the problem is that before chlorinating chicken, very few food safety measures are applied to chicken meat in US. As result many people die from this chicken every year.

    • The chicken itself is irrelevant. They’ll bow to trump in wanting to get the trade deal because they desperately need one and the result of that will be low safety standards.

  2. EU is not the beginning and end of history.

    The UK was fine before 1973, when it joined the EU. The UK was fine before EU was even created. The UK will be fine after it exits the EU. And the UK will be fine after the EU disintegrates or merges into a single state.

    • UK was a war-exhausted shithole that received a massive helping hand from the EU. Enjoy your canned horse meat and watery beans after Brexit ol’ chap.

    • 1973 was another wourld and another economy. Even in the 70’s the UK was struggling from WWII expenses. The commonwealth fell apart and will not come back. Living was on lower standards than in the rest of Europe.
      Even today, when I visit the UK, I feel like visiting a country 20 or 30 years behind. It’s like visiting Eastern Germany after their Unification with West Germany. Only East Germany is now basicly indistinguishable to the western states. The Germans thought “Fck it!” and rebuild their country twice.
      The UK is still somewhat… stuck in the past. And seems to run from the future.

    • just sayin' August 26, 2019

      “Even today, when I visit the UK, I feel like visiting a country 20 or 30 years behind.”

      Then turn around and go home; wherever that is.

    • Actually, Jack, the UK did not want to join the EEC (which then became the EC and later on the EU), but then they noted that all member states were prospering compared to the UK. And then they actually joined. Over the years the UK even received reduced membership fees (so to speak) and such, because we, the rest of Europe, actually do not have anything against you guys. And some of us even know that as the EU we together are a different economical and political power than any single state would ever be.

      So, no, the UK was not that fine before the EEC was created. Maybe it was before it was turned into the EU, because the UK had been a member state of the EEC/EC for 20 years already?

      Single state, huh. The English try to turn the UK into a single state. Ever noticed that? I wonder how long you can keep the Scots at bay. The Welsh may wake up sooner or later, too and once the people of Ireland have realized that hating each other for different translations of a holy book is not the best of ideas, you will be left with little. Oh, yeah, you will be the 51st State of America. Have fun!

    • @Ral, you hit the nail on the head there pointing at the development of Eastern Germany compared to (e.g. northern) England.

    • War exhausted? Might have something to with ensuring the freedom of Europe and the rest of the world from the Nazi’s you’d be speaking German if Britain and the US didn’t jump in so shut ya shit about being war exhausted you peace of shit

    • “ensuring the freedom of Europe and the rest of the world from the Nazi’s”
      I just shed a tear.
      Yes, it was pure altruism.
      Churchill was a kind soul who only had the best of Europe in mind.
      He stood up for the oppressed Frenchman, the poor Belgian, the wretched Dutchman…
      Nothing to do with the fact that if they hadn’t fought the nazis, they’d be speaking ze german themselves…

    • @Anonymous, Europe would not be speaking German but Russian.

    • @Anonymous:
      Not necessarily.
      If England had been taken, the war against Russia would have gone differently as well.
      They came quite close to taking Moscow, but had to split fronts against the Brits in Africa to assist the Italians. So maybe we should thank Italy for not speaking German.
      In any case, history is written by the victors. None of us would have been the wiser.

    • Napoleon took Moscow and still lost.

    • German Machine Gun August 27, 2019

      Ha, the Italians ran away like always and switched sides. Never trust their ability to fight.
      Better off without that Nazi-scum though.
      The Brits were attacked once they declared war to Nazi Germany. Hitler didn’t want war with Britain and had prefered an alliance. The Brits didn’t even wanted to fight but were bound by their treaties with Poland and such. It was never intended to “free” Europe – but it became a neccessaty.
      In the end Germany was basicly crushed and devided. But obviously it began to flourish soon after again. The Brits on the other hand kept struggling. Maybe said erosion of the commonwealth made it difficult to regain economical strenght. It had become much more difficult for a state with a center that was used to live as a parasite in the center of a net of commerce.
      Why the British – or let us say the English – voted for that remains a mystery to all.

    • @MG42
      The fact that Germany was bombed and leveled made room for new factories and technologies.
      Away with the old, in with the new. England never got rebuilt, so to speak, and got stuck with aging infrastructure and no need to re-invent themselves. It took too long for them to get with the times. This combined with their island mentality led to a distinct lag in their development and hence economy. They have caught up technology-wise but the island mentality has never left them.

  3. Freedom instead of subservience to unelected globalists in Brussels who want to swamp us with mass Third World immigration. Yeah, not a hard choice.

    • Yeah, a working goverment against a non-elected clown, lier and Trump-imitator who seems to have escaped from Bethlem. Indeed, seems more entertaining. We’ll be watching your upside-down rise to the peak of nations in awe.

    • Euro you talk about non elected ? Tell did you vote for tusk ? Did you vote for Ursula ? No you did not

    • In any country professional bureaucrats are not elected. They are experts. Do you elect legal experts in UK? And EU Parliament will vote about Ursula and other Commissioners.

    • They are voted by voted representatives though. The European council which consists of the elected governments of the member states. Which by the way has no legilative power. “Tusk and Ursula” hold executive positions. They and the council can make suggestions, just that.
      The European parliament is responsible for laws and such and is voted by the people. It is even more dependent on the personal character and views of the individual representatives. It’s power over the member countries is still limited to a degree. The governments can’t be just overruled. So, not much of a dictatorship there… It got more power over time to adjust the inner workings of this experiment. Because that’s what the EU is. And it worked quite well so far. 70years peace and prosperity. No matter the lies and fake stories of populists. No system can be perfect, never will.
      I always laugh at the Americans when they blame us of non-elected representatives. Those sheep go voting, risk losing their job, because Thursday is voting day and many employers won’t let you vote. And after that some Electoral College ignores and overrules their vote and chooses an orange baby.

  4. Why is the World communicating in English, and not Spanish, French, German or Russian? The EU is just another continental empire, pompous and hollow. It too shall fall.

    • Jack, you will find that Mandarin Chinese is quite on the rise. Even Spanish has more native speakers than English. French and German used to be much more popular than they are today, so be aware that the time for the English language may be up one day.

      “Why is the World communicating in English, and not Spanish, French, German or Russian?”

      Don’t know. Maybe the native speakers of other languages are better at learning something new like a different language than the native speakers of English.

    • Might have something to do with England having collonies all over the world?
      Mate, just do the maths and check wikipedia how many people speaks chinese, hindu and spanish. I am pretty sure you will be shocked…

    • Also, English is quite easy to learn. It’s one of the simply structured languages and is therefore still prefered in international dialogue.
      Auch ist das Englische recht einfach zu erlernen. Es gehört zu den einfacher aufgebauten Sprachen und wird daher immer noch im internationalen Dialog bevorzugt.

  5. Come on, even you realize how weak this is. “Don’t know”? “Maybe”? English is never going to be supplanted, no matter how numerous the Chinese speakers are. Almost nobody outside of China learns Chinese. Every well educated person on the planet, and hundreds of millions of less educated ones, learn English.

    English is the international language, because of the biggest empire ever – the British Empire. The current biggest empire, USA, is an offshoot and direct descendant of it. But Medieval England was a small and un-remarcable kingdom. Gradually, and then rapidly, during the Enlightenment age that island came up with a few radical ideas. They are still radical in much of the World – freedom of the individual, rule of law, inaleanable rights, free speech, protected private property, free trade, the state should serve its citizens, limits to the government… Those ideas were put into the founding of the USA. Every “developed” country now is developed to the extent they have adopted these ideas. The EU is regressing, pushing in the opposite direction.

    • English is never going to be supplanted, just like Latin was not and French was not.
      And the USA is the pinnacle of development in your head only: in many respects you are way behind..

    • WOW :D have you heard of Roman empire?

    • English is just quite simple and easy to learn.

  6. I’m not an American. Latin and French, Greek before that, were common languages of the educated people and the traders in region of the planet, not the whole planet. English has to be supplanted by something even more open and simple. What is it? English evolves and absorbs everything useful, that’s why is has the largest vocabulary of any language. Whatever comes after English, will be an even simpler form of English.

    • There are already many forms of simpler English. And yes, languages tend to become simpler over time even with new words assimilated. It’s a natural development.
      Even in the Roman Empire the commoners did speak another Latin than the high class or what you see in old manuscripts or on monuments. Provinces would develop their own accents and dialects.

  7. This evening saw too much information. EL will explode.

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