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  1. Bob is now a lying, thieving pile of human excrement that wants to kill Muslims, beat Mexicans in the head, allow Americans to die with no health insurance, and who will do anything Putin wants him to do?

    • Sick of whiny bitches March 8, 2017

      …you are an idiot.
      Please, get yourself sterilized

    • Lazier Than Thou March 8, 2017

      The guy who campaigned on “the government will pay for [health care]” wants people to die without health care.
      Okay. Sure. Whatever.

    • downwithlibtards March 9, 2017

      A total disgusting troll!!!
      You poor, sore, whining loser!!!

    • The Good German March 9, 2017

      Why should he? Your presidents take his hate into the whole world.

    • to The Good German…
      You are mistaking rational action as hate. People who are NOT supposed to be here need to be kept out. Keep making your ridiculous statements while your country burns, Nero! Enjoy your horde of violent immigrants.

    • The Good German March 10, 2017

      Nonsense. US has never been about “rational”. The US have always been emotions only. Even your justice system is more like an entertainment show. Best performing attourney wins. Facts are for losers.

  2. If I was recall, it was 0bama that let Russia take over Crimea and Ukraine – he drew a red line in the sand in Syria, then deferred to Putin and let hundreds of thousands of Syrians be massacred. It was 0bama that wouldn’t enforce immigration laws already on the books. (5 time drunk driving illegal Mexican criminal Estuardo Alvarado killed California woman Sandra Duran in DUI car crash yesterday.) Trillions spent on socialized healthcare and there are still 30 million Americans uninsured. 0bamacare is really about controlling the population, not healthcare. You are what Soviets used to call “useful idiot”.

    • FakeAmerican March 9, 2017

      “Let take over”. Cute. What should he have done? Start WWIII? People die when presidents send troops. What then? Blame Obama for losing american lives overseas? Doesn’t sound that would have pleased you either. You are just a bigmouth.
      If you feel so sorry for Crimea, Syria and Ukraine grab your gun and move your fat freedom fries maintained american ass there and retake it as the unrecognized soldier of fortune you claim to be!

  3. Sven Vasdeferens March 8, 2017

    I have to protest this comic as being fake news as Bob the Builder’s wife, Wendy was extremely hot as cartoon characters go and Trumps wife…
    never mind.

  4. IH8Libtards March 9, 2017

    [quote]The guy who campaigned on “the government will pay for [health care]” wants people to die without health care.
    Okay. Sure. Whatever[/quote]
    …ok, sure… Make up whatever narrative that bounces around in your tiny brain. I’d say for you to show some evidence that he ‘wants people to die without healthcare’, but it’s a waste of time. You are clearly irrational.

  5. I doubt Trump has ever used hammer in his whole life.

    • FakeAmerican March 9, 2017

      His hands are to small to grab a tool.

    • Keepin' it real March 10, 2017

      I would actually bet you are 100% correct.
      When I was young, I had neighbors who were well off who had 5 kids. Not one of them knew how to use even to most rudimentary tools for the most rudimentary jobs. They would actually pay me to come over and do the simplest of home repairs. Even changing light bulbs in the ceiling.
      I made over $3,500 off of them in a single summer when I was in high school. That was good money :D back then!
      It’s good to know how to use a hammer :D

  6. Dr. Ornithologist March 12, 2017

    I’m quite sure the eatliver comments section is full of frustrated american idiots who all seem to idolize war and such the like!

    • I detest war and violence but do idolize nice breasts. I should clarify that to specify only female breasts.

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