Bill Gates Counting To Ten



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  1. Italiano Medio June 9, 2015

    I LOL’d

  2. I mean technically he’s right, if he is creating a counting system of base 13 with some unusual symbols.

  3. in what world does 98 come before NT?

  4. Billy Bong Thornton June 9, 2015

    Funny how a so called philanthropist who essentially does nothing now still has a net worth that keeps rising. Start making a difference in the World and give back some of that $80 billion. You can’t be buried with it.

  5. I love Windows, and every version of it….

    • Me too. I like the glass ones the best. Makes it so I can see out of my car.

    • Me too. Windows and smallpox! They’re the BEST!

    • TheDarkOne June 10, 2015

      @Groot i like the mosiac ones, and ones that are tinted. like my car

  6. pecosdave June 10, 2015

    What about Bob?

  7. Anonymous June 11, 2015

    Bob is with Zed.

  8. Here Comes a New Challenger June 18, 2015

    They learned it from Capcom: 1, 2, 2 Championship, 2 Turbo, 2 Special Champion, 2 Hyper, 2 Tournament, 2 Super, Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, 3, EX, 3 2nd Impact, 3 3rd Impact, several years of stone cold silence, 4!

  9. They skipped 9 due to the conventions they used in versioning. True story.

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