He Wants To Be Her Feyonce

I think I have a crush on Beyoncé. Whatever floats your boat. No. That's buoyancy.

18 thoughts on “He Wants To Be Her Feyonce”

  1. She’s got a decent rack, he can have Beyonce and buoyancy… 😛

  2. You sexist pig.
    P.S. I had that exact thought 😹

  3. Lots of recycles lately.
    Why don’t you make some of Stupid Joe Biden?
    Have him laying an egg in his underwear.

  4. You should use the tag,”Numb nuts” for future comments.

  5. If you had any brains, you could create one yourself and submit it.

  6. What are 70% of American voters doing right now? “Biden” they’re time til the election this fall.

  7. A pun is the worst form of humour.

  8. Vote GOP to destroy America.

  9. He lacks brain, humor and creativity. Those are crucial for a good meme. We’ll never see a meme by that loser.

  10. A misspelled pun is an even worse form of humour.

  11. Not my fault that 70% of American voters think the Left is destroying the country. Suck it up buttercup.

  12. We are sitting in a Toronto warehouse waiting to receive our programming before being deployed to Filfidelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Madison. Thanks so much for asking, we don’t really get much attention paid to us.

  13. Are they Sodomites?

  14. I bet silicone implants are buoyant though.

  15. Why? are you intrigued?

  16. Another candidate for a lawsuit. Sending link to Dominion.

  17. Nope, drops like a stone.

  18. Got an actual response. They are looking at it. But the rep couldn’t say if they will sue or not. Expected, too early.

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