Battery Puns Are The Best Puns


I also need batteries so I can tell the time. Is it for a clock? I don't know. That's why I need the batteries.


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  1. Hi, my name is Donald, the legitimate President of the United States.
    Was looking in the mirror this morning, and what I saw shocked me.
    I noticed a bit of grey hair along the root line. I paid my stylist big bucks
    less than a week ago to touch up my hair. She obviously missed a few
    spots. I feel like a fool standing up in front of thousands of people at
    the recent rallies. No wonder people were steaming out of the last
    rally. My image as a dapper don was damaged. My first instinct was
    to fire this lady so I immediately called her on the phone and let her
    hear those magic words, “You’re fired”. That made me feel better.
    CNN is in my cross hair also, l signed off the other day to sue them
    for 465 million bucks for slander.
    Firing and suing are two of my favorite things to do. I will probably
    never ever forget this hair incident, but will soldier on.
    Gotta go, someone just rang the door bell.

    • surely there should be a way to finally block retards in comment sections, idk, report to admins and just restrict the IP or smtn.

    • You are getting tiresome, try Brietbart for a change.

    • Time is up, lock him up.

  2. Maybe just ban all American IP addresses?

  3. Poignant Peter October 5, 2022


  4. Worried Reader October 6, 2022

    I smell censorship arriving. Smells like the shit covered boot of a Nazi.

    • Sniffing boots is your fetish?
      If you want to see real censorship in action go to truthsocial. They will censor their a**es off if you post the wrong opinion.

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