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  1. Its not about actual help, its about showing support.
    Many states in eastern europe got their freedom from USSR because of other countries “officialy recognizing them as free states” – no real help was ever given by most of them, but international support is a lot.
    Knowing that you are not alone out there, and that people know and hear. Its not to help im some weird way(like even how?!) its to show support to people living there and being scared. Its better than making this kind of jokes, showing that you dont give a damn about them and laugh about those who at least “care” even if its on the internet.

  2. I bet you read this in Ralph’s voice.

  3. The Dhimmicrats say your thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. Oh, that was about guns.

  4. Sharia is yesterday. Yesterday can’t win tomorrow.

  5. Well, at least they had the colors correct this time

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