Best Contestants from World Beard and Mustache Championships


Did you know that each year men from around the world come together to attend The World Beard And Moustache Championships? Featured below are the best entries from last few years.


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  1. Bet not a single one of them drink Dos Equis

  2. Quite awesome!

  3. Equally awesome and stupid.

  4. More like douchbaggery championships!

  5. and I find it disgusting…

  6. Castillion May 22, 2016

    I hate facial hair. It makes me feel queasy to see all that fungus over a man’s face (or a woman’s!) Beards have all sorts of bacteria and other disgusting fluids sticking in them….. oh, I’m off to vomit!

    • Amen to that!

    • Really I wash my face and beard daily. How abotu you?

    • JimJungleSir July 10, 2016

      It takes a special kind of stupid to click on a link of something you hate to see, compounded by commenting your disgust.

  7. What it is with all the hats?

  8. Very awesome. amazing commitment

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