You’ve Never Played Banking?


It's easy! First, you give me the ball, and then I charge you every time you want to play with the ball. I'll also charge you if you want to give the ball to someone else, and a small monthly fee for holding onto your ball.


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  1. Anonymous July 8, 2021

    Or do it like Trump: Buy something, don’t pay for it, bancrupt the seller, don’t pay taxes for the money you didn’t spend and kill the witnesses. Grab some pu**y. Thumbsup. Orangegrin.

    • Rent Free July 8, 2021


    • “Kill the witnesses” part needs some explanation. Never heard of it.

    • Anonymous July 9, 2021

      Think you’re confusing Hillary with Trump.

    • Anonymous July 9, 2021

      Many former business partners of Trump “killed themselves”. Look it up. Look up deutsche bank manager and trump.
      Also contractors “killed themselves” after Trump didn’t pay for their work and they were bancrupted.
      And more death. The second death policeman after January 6th. Guess he’s seen and heard too much.
      Unable to post links. It doesn’t work.

  2. Anonymous July 8, 2021

    :Or do it like Trump:

    Trump is out of office, genius. Your hero is in. How about some jokes about him? He’s certainly certifiably stupid enough.

    • Anonymous July 8, 2021

      What has he done that makes him certifiably stupid? ( besides believing things that democrats believe) I missed it. I mean, he can put is pants on properly, and when something is threatening to kill hundreds of thousands of voters, he takes it seriously. If Trump had, he would have easily won the election. Voters love to stick with the president during times of war and trauma. Everyone loved Bush after 9-11.

    • Anonymous July 9, 2021

      Biden is a man. Trump is a narcissistic joke. And it’s him who doesn’t shut up. He even claims to be still president. Even though the voters showed him the way out. But narcissists can’t lose. They would rather kill than admit to their loss. And killing is part of business for Trump.

  3. Anonymous July 8, 2021

    AND I get to earn interest because I can invest the balls that aren’t being played with.

    Although to be fair, if your ball is big enough, the bank should pay you a tiny bit of interest too, but these days, it’s pretty much zero.

  4. Anonymous July 10, 2021

    There’s a joke about inflation in there somewhere…🤑

  5. Nah. You lend me the ball. I charge you for keeping it for you, even though I lend it straight away to somebody else, whom I also charge.

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