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  1. no. not really. no.

  2. Blue oyster

  3. I happen to know that there already is a band named Red Hot Chili peppers, so thanks for nothing.

  4. The white nuts

  5. Pink Floyd. :|

  6. White Chicken Salad… fame here I come.

  7. “Black Banana” We play mostly metal nature tunes.
    Our main hit song is “Iron seagull”

  8. blue apple? o.O

  9. Blue Chicken Soft Tacos

  10. Black Borsch… :(

  11. Seems that Naked Lunch already was copyrighted by William Burroughs.

  12. The Lone Wonderer September 3, 2014

    black sultana

  13. Snozzlebert Chesterfield September 3, 2014

    Black Spaghetti

  14. Black Sausage! I think I love the name of my band!

  15. ‘Checked chicken’ has a nice ring to it ;)

  16. White Bolognaise

  17. latest track from September 5, 2014

    pink & grey boeriewors

  18. I’m worried it’s gonna be impossible for anyone to find our band on google

  19. white cornflakes lol

  20. grey strawberry

  21. purple striped mallow pumpkins

  22. red biscuit

  23. White Sardines … Nice!

  24. Grey Rice Crackers!

  25. TEH RAINBOW PIG December 8, 2014

    Rainbow pig… YEA!

  26. The Green Bierocks. Not a bad band name or it could be the Olive(the color) Runzas

  27. Grohl the Troll December 27, 2014

    The Black.Eggs

  28. Tie-dye Whopper.

  29. Green orange

  30. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    Gray Pizza…

  31. Blue Doughnut!

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