Top 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Must Be Banned



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob June 21, 2016

    Joe Bob and me talked it over and decided to not comment on this series of picters ’cause somebody might take in one way and somebody else might take it another way and them folks would think we was speaking with bifurcated tongues.

  2. Can we return to the EatLiver of old – when it was funny? This post is all about social engineering, with an obvious gay agenda.

    • Whoopsdareiddis June 23, 2016

      The fux a “gay agenda”? Sinister homosexuals petting their fluffy white cats while planning to turn the world gay?

  3. Lazier Than Thou June 22, 2016

    Love is love. Why can’t I marry my cat? What are you, some kind of bigot?

  4. This is SO gay.

  5. I wish Eatliver would post less social justice and politics and more actual fun stuff. Like cats!
    Cats > Passive-Aggresive Overly Sarcastic Biased Patronizing Posts With Agenda

  6. marriage between arbitrary number of humans is to be allowed as well

    • I agree totally. We should allow marriages of 5-10 people.

  7. You can marry 10 people if you want. But the problem then is the law doesn’t recognize it. So really what LGBT people want is legal recognition of their marriage. There is a lot of privelages, advantages and rights allowed a married couple that are better than say cohabitating or a de facto relationship (if that exists legally).
    See I don’t mind religion, people can believe some imaginary being in the sky created everything if they want. Hell it’s not so different to say that some invisible, all powerful being created everything vs the universe being created from nothing. But the 2000 year old dogma and crap that gets dragged along with it, that politicises religion, that is what I hate.

    • There are absolutely zero rights that gay people cannot partake of if they marry someone of the other gender, or genders, or gender-normative, or….? bang!

    • A Dose of Reality July 5, 2017

      Incorrect. If you own a house, car, or any other real property and are legally married, your spouse is entitled to the ownership of that property after your demise, unless you have an iron-clad will specifying that you do not want them to have it. And even then, the courts are likely to supersede your wishes and hand it over to your spouse.
      If you are married, your health benefits from work can, and will cover your spouse (assuming you pay the specified upgrade for family benefits), if you are not married, you generally cannot have your co-habiting relationship covered, or if you can, it will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than if you were married.
      If you are married and you have money left over when you die, your spouse gets it, plus has the benefit of your social security money to try to cope with the loss of your income.
      In short, all the LEGAL benefits of marriage, as well as knowing that your decision to tie all of your life and possessions to someone else will be supported and enforced in the event of your death.
      And the social side. If you are legally married (recognized by the government), people accept the relationship as ‘real’, whereas if you just ‘went through a ceremony to commit to each other’ people dismiss it as just a ‘for play’ relationship, since the lack of legal ties means it’s ‘not real’…

  8. Nah, eatliver. This was actually amusing. An oldie but a goodie. Keep it up. Cats are funny, but this is more amusing than “cats with things on them”.

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