Airline Logic Makes Perfect Sense


You'll have to remove some items and put them into your carry-on, which is going on the same plane.


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  1. Of course this makes sense. It’s not just the total weight, it’s the weight that the baggage handlers need to lift.

    • Well I never! I didn’t realise that until now. I thought airlines were being ***** but I can see the logic now.

  2. The Lone Wonderer October 18, 2019

    Also, eat 4 times your daily recommended intake, blow up to 400 pounds, and pay the same for a ticket….

  3. This actually happened to me in Salt Lake City.

  4. it’ about the weight distribution in cargo hold, as it’s limits are morte precise than in passenger compartment.

  5. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    I know they want to keep the bags below 50 pounds because the baggage handlers have to pick up the bags, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to throw their back out if my bag is 51 pounds. You can still check a bag that is overweight, but you have to pay $100 (US) for just one extra pound. It is usually $50 for each additional bag.

    I was traveling with one rolling suitcase, and one carry-on bag. I had stuffed a lot of my items into my carry-on already. My checked bag was one pound over weight, but I had no more room in my carry-on. I pulled a duffle bag out of my checked bag, resorted some stuff, then threw my carry-on into the duffle bag and paid for an extra bag. I was only carrying that heavy bag to save money, but that became a moot point.

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