NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In a Bag, Dog Owners Did Not Disappoint



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  1. gobsmacked scientist June 7, 2017

    Are dogs terrorists?

  2. No but some are terriorists!

  3. Salzigtal June 7, 2017

    Must all be Americans of German descent, or have served in DEU. Average Americans are usually not that law abiding*. *According to every small-town newspaper police blotter/sheriffs’ log.

    • In NYC people have learned to follow the rules in Rudy Giulianis times. . An “unauthorized animal” in the subway is just a 25 $ fine though…

  4. Dogs are genetic engineered pets developed by Ikea to increase their furniture sales

  5. Why not just leave the dogs?
    Cats > Dogs

  6. Not a US citizen, so I wonder June 9, 2017

    Any dog will fit an a bag.
    Since people seem to be following the letter of the law, does the law say you actually have to have the dog in a bag? Or does it just have to fit?

  7. The Lone Wonderer June 9, 2017

    Why is this? The law I mean…..

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