Animals That Look Like They’re About to Drop The Hottest Albums


Photo by yoremahm

Photo by A. Manea

Photo by aspenthemountainpup

Photo by yoremahm


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  1. Well, this is all actively adorable and a bit of welcome relief from sniping with wingers.

  2. The old man on the mountain Alamut February 24, 2017

    The penguins definitely play Hip-Hop, the doves punk and the meercats folk rock. And there can be no doubt – the mandrill is into Trance House music.

    • Can’t see any meercats, but the Highland cattle are folk rockers for sure. Also the chickens play country or maybe bluegrass, while the two horses look like the new Sigur Rós.

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob February 24, 2017

    Joe Bob dont know much about boy bands but he thinks mebbe some of them cat groups could squall as good as them boys. The dog with the sunglasses reminds me of Huey Lewis. Them two cats in the snow sorta look like Heart. Yeh even us’in along the ridge know some of them 60s-80s music folks.

  4. Gray cat’s tak’in a selfie

    • Sorry, you don’t get to write “tak’in” and still call yourself “Pedant”.

  5. Icelandic ponies & volcanism for the win.

  6. From top to bottom:
    Stone Roses
    Lil Kim
    Johnny Cash
    Wu Tang Clan
    Hall and Oates
    Beach Boys
    The Streets
    Herman and the Hermits
    Iron Maiden

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