Moms And Dads Post That Horrible Moment Their Kids Go Back To School



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  1. It's a jeep thing.... August 21, 2016

    7 day countdown for me. :)

  2. Here they have already been to school for 2 and a half week. I am already starting to fear autumn holidays in mid october.

    • PatronasKitty7 August 22, 2016

      It’s Sunday. What do you mean my a half of a week?

    • @PatronasKitty7
      Read once again what i wrote.
      I said 2 AND a half week. Not half OF a week.
      2 and a half week means 2 weeks plus half of a week (3-5 days).
      They started in school 3rd of August here.
      Count back from 21st august: 21 days (minus) 3 days =18 days. Since a week is 7 days long, 18 days is then 2 weeks plus 4 days, in other words 2 and a half week.

  3. Intl nationalist August 22, 2016

    People in the US sure do like to have (lots) of kids for what I see here.
    Maybe if you had less kids, you could enjoy spending time with them rather than getting to loath spending time with them,

    • The old man on the mountain August 22, 2016

      Maybe they should spend some time with you to learn to enjoy the benefits of their kids – you must be so much tun!

  4. Chick in the 14th photo has six kids…and that body?…dayyum girl!!

    • Inglorious Basterd August 22, 2016

      Well, one is apparently adopted. Or, his real dad is the mailman.

  5. Inglorious Basterd August 22, 2016

    Put on some damn shoes. No one wants to see your ugly feet.

  6. Catz > Parents that traumatize their kidz by taking patronizing picturez.

  7. Kids will show these pictures to a shrink in a few years.

  8. That is why it is very important that people think about having kids and how it is BEFORE they actually get pregnant.

    • The old man on the mountain August 23, 2016

      “..actually get pregnant…”? Can you “.. apparently get pregnant…”?

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