US Healthcare System In a Nutshell


My back hurts when I wake up in the morning...


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  1. Catlyn Jenner October 2, 2019

    I tried that. Still hurts.

  2. That’s not US Healthcare that’s socialist. US is profit driven so there’s incentive to do things. With socialist healthcare you’d be put on a 1 year wait list for an MRI or pay out of pocket for private services or hop the border to the US.

    • Actually, most “socialist” western-european countries provide cheaper and better healthcare than the US.

    • Don’t know. Are there any socialist countries left in Europe? The place I live in in Europe is not socialist, but we have health care. Depending on what ones health issue is, in my area you may have to wait three weeks for a MRI, yes. If it is urgent, you will get it immediately.

    • Electric Boogaloo October 2, 2019

      Actually, most “socialist” western-european countries lie about the price and effectiveness of their systems. Private healthcare is kept (mostly) from lying about their effectiveness, but public healthcare systems are allowed to lie, as marketing, since they are not as good at business.

    • My current employer’s plan gives me no reason to complain. Decent deductible and coverage ($200 deductible and out of pocket max of $1000). My last employer had been raising their deductible for a few years from $200 to $400 to finally $800 in 2017. I’m fine with the coverage I have now.

      And I don’t want any politician to screw up what I have with some feckless scheme of theirs to buy some votes.

    • @anteater, to an american all european countries are socialist.
      @boogaloo, public health care systems have no use for marketing.

    • Americans complaining about their shitty life quality complaining about any way to change it.

    • “US is profit driven so there’s incentive to do things.”

      Yes, incentive to say “Wake up in the afternoon then” and charge $8,999.

      Minimum treatment + maximum charge = highest profit.


    • Actually, most “socialist” western-european countries lie to their clients about the quality and cost. If you try to do a proper comparison of things such as life expectancy, you find that the American system defines it as comparing birth date to death date. The “socialist” systems have many dropouts to change their number for the better, to better compare to other systems. Common removals are “babies must make it to a certain age before being counted”, and “accidentals are removed as they don’t show health care”. Once one takes this items into account, the American system does a little bit better (but within error margin) as socialist systems.

  3. Having been in America and now in Canada, I can tell you the Canadian socialist “health” system STINKS. Health care in the States is superb.

  4. Yes, American healthcare is SO bad that wealthy Brits and Canadians come here for treatment rather than wait three years for the same procedure provided by socialist medicine.

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