Donald Trump: The Early Years



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  1. He made his Klansman father so proud.

  2. Haha, watching the reaction to Hillary losing is just too funny.

  3. I thought comedy was supposed to be neutral…

    • Hahaha, who taught you that? Only comedy in dictatorships has to be neutral. It’s comedy’s duty to make fun of everyone. Especialy those in charge. Some are just a source of more fun.

  4. Nobody Cares November 11, 2016

    I voted for Trump and I will have to say that this is funny

  5. It should say deport illegals. He has nothing against Mexicans.

    • Nobody Cares November 12, 2016

      That is true but there is no convincing the whining left… Apparently, he’s worse than Hitler despite the fact that their champion has been involved in numerous criminal scandals, complete breaches of national security, treasonous taking of bribes from foreign governments for favoritism and even suspected in over a dozen very questionable deaths…

  6. This site is so far left its not funny anymore! I see nothing on ovomit, or hitlary. What a bunch of leftist garbage!


  8. Hey, that’s my boy!

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