Dogs Sitting Like People



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  1. Sterling Malory Archer June 9, 2014

    Look- he thinks he’s PEOPLE! :D

  2. So your dog has worms…

    • So… Lemme get this straight… If I have a dog, and dog has worms, does that mean that I have worms?

    • Tastentier June 9, 2014

      @LandLord: No. Parasites are highly specialized, and canine worm larvae can’t survive for long in the human digestive system. They die soon after hatching.
      (Except for very rare cases where a canine or feline roundworm larvae burrows through the human gut lining and ends up in other internal organs such as lungs, liver, eyes or brain, which provide an ample supply of nutrients. I’m not kidding, people have turned blind or sustained neurological damage from this condition that is known as toxocariasis or visceral larva migrans. Look it up, it’s scary as hell. But like I said, it’s very rare).

    • Dude… I’m not sure I want to find out how you know that…

  3. No, but if your dog sits on his butt like that it may indicate he has worms in his butt and he’s trying to hide the fact.

  4. Anonymous June 9, 2014

    No it means you have a dog that has worms

  5. Anonymous June 9, 2014

    hurr durr im a hooman

  6. Dominic possada June 11, 2014

    So many crazy people that don’t know things like many times thier owner puts them in place hell yeah

  7. A Fabulous Butt Worm December 15, 2017

    To those saying it’s because your dog has worms: no, it’s not. My dog has sat like a person it’s whole life. It does it only on the couch. She has never had worms. She’s 5 and I’ve had her since she was a puppy. Some dogs just like to sit in different ways.

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