Glitter Armpits: Weird Instagram Beauty Trend


Turns out there is an internet beauty trend to stick glitter into armpit hair and post selfies on Instagram using #glitterpits tag. We truly live in a wonderful time!


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  1. And how is one supposed to lick it?

  2. Common Sense Sez September 1, 2018

    Hot water, soap, and a razor will cure that affliction. Oh BTW, that’s not a beauty trend.

  3. Twitter changed to a community page for group therapy needing people.

  4. that must itch like hell after a few minutes…

  5. Weebles Wobble September 2, 2018

    It’s the pits.

  6. This is the tide pod generation that wants to change the world

  7. jimmy rustle September 2, 2018

    this attention seeking shit is getting bad…everyone trying to be a twit star

  8. Hitler's mustache September 3, 2018

    attention ******…. ALL OF THEM…

  9. TheHappyWanker September 4, 2018

    The net intelligence of the world is a constant…. Sadly the population is increasing…

  10. Stupid people making stupid things.
    ****** feminism.

  11. Once seen it can’t be unseen.

  12. Anonymous May 14, 2022

    I dont get this shit!

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