People Sharing Funny Ways To Escape a Bad Date



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  1. Bubba and Joe Bob February 17, 2017

    Joe Bob got outta date once by gittin’ arrested. Ran a stop sign and the officer found a outstanding warrent. Joe Bob thanked the officer all the way to the lockup.

  2. In my mid 20’s, on a first date with a woman who’d asked me out, she told me right after I picked her up that she needed to be home by midnight because she had to get up early the next day. I got her home by midnight, and since it was early, went out for a drink. About 20 minutes after I sat down in the bar, she showed up with another guy, and they sat down in a corner, and, um, concentrated on each other. I’ve always counted myself lucky for getting rejected early. I like Joe Bob’s method, too, especially since he got to spend his evening with nicer people than I did.

  3. @Natalie Faulk February 17, 2017

    “You may know how to hide a body but I’ve found a great body!”
    What? She looks hot in the thumbnail of her avatar.

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