Poor Avicii. He Should Have Known Better.


This next track is called "I have information that will lead to Hillary Clinton's arrest"


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  1. Crooked Trump April 21, 2018

    Maybe she’ll meet High-Treason-Trump there.

    • And exactly how is President Trump guilty of high treason? Cite actual sources please.

      I’ll wait.

    • Crooked Trump April 21, 2018

      I shouldn’t. FSB guys aren’t fun to deal with.

    • Walt Logan, Associate General Counsel, CIA April 22, 2018

      “High treason is criminal disloyalty to one’s government. Spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power.” Unfortunately, the wire-taps of Nikolay Kovalyov, Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev & Donald Trump arranging money laundering for the KGB at the now Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City haven’t been declassified yet. “”We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the information requested but, hypothetically, if such data were to exist, the subject matter would be classified, and could not be disclosed.”

    • Babs: And still no one offers proof, or even hints of any real evidence. Why? Because this evidence does not exist. How do I know this? Three little words: Simple. Human. Greed. If there is indeed evidence, it is certainly known by more than one person. That evidence would be worth six, even seven, figures to a national media outlet. The fact that no one has yet to come forward with such evidence is a strong indication that no evidence exists.

      Feel free to use this in your arguments.

  2. Dark Sith Lord Lieberman April 22, 2018

    I’m not sure how elderly female Parkinson’s patients fair in lockup? Although removing the limiting bonds of discretion from Bill may improve his life style.

  3. Do you even try anymore?

  4. Who put the dang bullet in the back of my head after the plane crash?

  5. Who the **** is this ****womble and why should I care?

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