Someone Asked Me If I Had Plans For The Fall


It took me a moment to realize they meant "autumn" and not the collapse of civilization.


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  1. Bloody funny.

  2. Yeah….. I miss the old America when we had a president who would accept election results and wouldn’t call for hate groups to ‘monitor’ the election.
    Please vote while you still have the right to.

    • If Trump wins it will be fraud. He established the system for this in the last 4 years. And he already announced he plans to do so for 12 more. His pet Barr told us in an interview winners write the history. You know what that means…

  3. Vote: None of the above... October 29, 2020

    Wait, so which candidate and violent hate group, that won’t accept election results, are you for and against again? Trump & Proud boys or Biden & Antifa or Jorgenson & Bogaloo? So many bad actors, so little time… 💩💩💩

    • Trump has specifically called for an “army of poll watchers” and is the only one who hasn’t committed to accepting election results. (not even his GOP yes-men are going along with such craziness. )

      Biden has condemned Antifa.
      Boogaloo is another far right extremist group supporting Trump.

      If you can’t tell Trump is the extremist, you should lay off the propaganda.

    • The only plus Biden has going for him, is that if he drops dead, his number two takes over.

    • Well, at least Biden HAS a plus.

      I’d rather have a politician than a SwampKing!

    • Vote twice, it's a long way to the White House.. October 30, 2020

      With both the news media and social media working actively to silence anything negative about Biden, where exactly do you think anyone is seeing anti-Biden propaganda??? Seriously, that alone should scare people from voting for the man. Why are Republicans and Democrats alike in such a race to the bottom? They’ve turned the electoral process into Dinner for Schmucks.

    • Compared to Trump, everybody is a saint.

    • @vote twice October 30, 2020

      “Where exactly do you think anyone is seeing anti-Biden propaganda”?
      It’s easy!
      Fox news is the most popular news channel and hunts for negative things to say about democrats every day.
      How about info wars, The Blaze, Dailywire, or the federalist? It’s pretty easy to follow them all on twitter, and you’ll get all the alternate fact / fake news updates right away. Trumps twitter is full of Biden hate too.

      BTW- They aren’t alike in their race to the bottom. Trump is the one giving millions of tax payer dollars to his family when he hires them. Trump is the one not supporting our previously free elections.

  4. Preparing for the Fall [of civilization]? Guns. Lots and lots of guns.

  5. Sy Sperling is my president

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