Asians Who Have Absolutely No Idea What They Are Wearing



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  1. Sentarou Nanimo August 28, 2017

    Haha, many of these show how hopeless Google Translate is. But it has to be said that it’s even sillier the other way around. A shirt can easily be removed, but erasing a tattoo is a bit harder. Still, lots of Americans and Europeans won’t double check when getting tattooed with Chinese characters they don’t know the meaning of themselves. Instead they blindly trust Sidewalk Sam the Tattoo Man, and get themselves a tattoo with “chicken noodle soup” or something else copied off the menu of the Chinese restaurant next door.

  2. my guess is that some of them have a clue. The crap your hands guy knows what’s up.

  3. Sven Vas Deferens August 28, 2017

    I read the UK Telegraph. Asians are those guys that pour acid on people and pray to Allah.

  4. Sven Vas Defferens August 28, 2017

    I read UK papers. Asians throw acid on people and pray to Allah. I didn’t know they did bad fashion too?

    It’s the TRUTH!!!

  6. I read the UK Guardian – Asians are poor victims and must be given free housing and benifits which I am happy to pay for!

  7. i don’t know but “my mom says i’m special so, **** you” is a pretty straight forward and fairly kick ass message.

    • +1
      Furthermore, “Who the **** is Jesus” is quite a straight forward message given that in Asia Christianity isn’t the most popular religion.

  8. Some of them are acctually not bad at all. Some people might say they are plain rude, but that’s all up to the readers sense of humour.
    Who the **** is Jesus?
    Pizza never lies.
    If I was a bird I know who I’d shit on.
    Sniffing glue wont keep families together
    My mom says I’m special so **** you.

  9. Ummmm.. Why would u think that they don’t know what these sentences on anglian mean?..

  10. Two separate shirts mentioning “dwarf bravery”. What’s that all about??

  11. Well dude… Asians or not …
    They have some crappy taste in T-shirts

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