Artist Gets Revenge On People Who Ask Him To Draw Them For Free


You don’t walk into a pizza place and demand a free meal because you’ve heard good things about it. Why do some people think it’s ok to treat artists this way? Why do they contact an artist for a free drawing just because they’ve checked out their Instagram account? UK artist jonARTon (Jon Arton) has received so many free drawing requests, he started trolling the ones that have the audacity to make them…


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  1. So boring and predictable

  2. Why would anyone think they can get a professional artist to give them free pictures??

  3. geoff_the_mongoloid September 28, 2018

    Thing is, oneday those random scribbles will be worth money!

  4. Libs always wanting something For free– They love spending other peoples time and money

    • At least they ask. Rightards just steal it.

    • If by steal you mean work, then yes

    • No, just take. Their only work is to cover their tracks. Rightards are the most immoral people. They may talk about God and family but they only worship money and power.

    • Schrodinger’s immigrant- stealing your job and being too lazy to work, at the same time.

      Protip: get over yourself

  5. Bum Bum the Clown September 29, 2018

    Serves the morons right!

  6. Still better than those stupid photoshop memes

  7. Just like with computers. Hey, could you spend some hours cleaning my computer which is full of virus, randomware and the like, because I browse dubious pages and click in every attachment I recieve from unknown origin? For free of course, because you seem to like computers so you must do it for love or art.

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