It Really Is, Though


If you don't want people to argue with you on the Internet then you shouldn't post your opinions on controversial issues. Also organic food is bullshit.


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  1. Hitler was into organic food, true story. According to left wing logic you should now call them “trumpmatoes” and throw a fit, then start eating tie-pods instead “cause you’re not a farking NAZI”.

    • Now they’re snorting condoms. Maybe they will all suffocate themselves…..

    • Tide-Pod-eater-Condom-snorter April 4, 2018

      I are many smarter then your

    • Snowflake's Final Destination April 4, 2018

      That generation that eats Tide pods, snorts condoms, supports censorship should probably not own guns, well, weapons of any sort including pointy sticks, shouldn’t be allowed to drive a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds, and probably shouldn’t be allowed to breed unless granted permission by some sort of due process.

  2. Vegans are dangerious.

    • I remember Hein and Kauf Buch are vegans and/or vegetarians. Like that woman who shot around in the Youtube HQ because no one wanted to watch her shitty clips.
      I wonder if Hein and Kauf have channels?

    • Miss me yet?
      If only California had strict gun laws and the shooter was liberal…

  3. AlGore Creator of The Internet April 4, 2018

    My AGW cow orkers go ape s*** when I make the comment;
    “Oh my it’s cold today, I think it’s colder today then it was last year at this time”.

  4. Jebediah Kerman April 7, 2018

    Just an observation… inorganic tomatoes are probably plastic… but that is petroleum based so they are organic as well it would have to be line a decorative carved stone tomatoe

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