Funny April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas



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  1. Not sure the cage in the copier will work… With another paper in front of cage you won’t see anything

  2. Take a nap satan, i think you need a rest

  3. Toothpaste can be poisonous if comsumed. You don’t want to laugh about your april fool’s in jail, do you?

    • ONLY if consumed in large quantities or over long periods.
      You believe that vaccinations cause autism, don’t you.

    • KillaGorilla April 2, 2015

      if you dont chew and notice the toothpaste flavor and then spit it out. you are too dumb to keep breathing anyway.

    • Were you born an idiot or did you have an accident?

    • I think he ate too much toothpaste as a kid.

  4. Kills gorilla,I like your style!!

  5. The Mentos in the ice cubes won’t work.

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