Anti-Vaxxer Logic

8 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxer Logic”

  1. Good. The water between Denmark and Sweden is cold, maybe it will wake them up. If not – well it’s bad for their children I guess, but anti-vaxxers leaving the gene pool might be good for the rest of us.

  2. I agree. We don’t need that weak link in the chain.

  3. Crossing this bridge causes autism. Many of current autistic kids have crossed or have been in contact with who crossed it.

  4. Don’t joke about this. Too many people will believe this after Google found it.

  5. Cool bridge by the way.

  6. more like this bridge is only 99.997% safe, ill make my kids swim

  7. My response to anti-vaxxers: If you want to take a chance to watch your child die a slow and painful death of a preventable disease, that is none of my business. Personally I prefer to avoid that.

  8. i don’t know who’s side to be on

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