Vaccines Should Be Called Preservatives


Unvaccinated children are just organic humans with a shorter shelf life.


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  1. Worse still, they are weaken a sociey’s immunity brake to pandemics. *****.

  2. Unvaccinated children are walking bioweapon platforms.

  3. Not having your kid vaccinated is like murdering it by yourself.

  4. Funny thing is many ignorant parents who are against vaccination think their child is healthy because they didn’t vaccinate. The stupid truth is the vaccinated kids around them protect the unvaccinated kid by blocking pandemics. – It doesn’t always work. But stupid parents will always find someone else to blame. Also they are usualy Trump voters and conspiracists. A virus may wipe them out of the gene pool some day. There is still Hope. Hope got vaccinated.

    • I have to accept that I’m not very pro vaccination. However, as you state, we live in a society and there are certain things we have to do even if they go against our personal beliefs.
      I am fully vaccinated, and if I have kids they will be vaccinated too.
      I have found that through homeopathy you can take the toxicity of the vaccines out of your body.
      It’s an itchy subject but I still think sometimes we humans have to compromise.

    • German Machine Gun April 14, 2018

      Homeopathy has no effect beside the placebo effect. It has been proven medically and statistically. Take as much as you want. The only real effect possible will be on your wallet.
      Actually the Nazis tested homeopathy as an arian new medicine. Old medicine was too jewish for them. The results were devastating. Most of the homeopathic test patients died horribly while the control group survived with minimal loss. After that all tests were stopped and classical – suddenly not jewish anymore – medicine was the doctrine for the Reich.

    • Did you see? I managed to reply to a vaccine post with a Trump hate comment. I hate Trump!

    • No I don’t. Hate would mean to invest too much emotion into it. It’s more disgust.

    • N.I.C.E. Bob April 15, 2018

      Really, with all the illegal aliens and “Asians” running about, bringing 3rd world diseases and such, we really need to go to those no-go zones and snatch their little kiddy pies and give them an injection whether they like it or not.

    • As U.S. government still states things like “condoms are ineffective” and “healthcare for the rich” you are still blaming the wrong people for pandemics.

    • @German, while a lot of homeopathic remedies are nonsense, not all of them are. Two things I use that work are cranberry for UTIs and milk thistle tea for liver cleansing. The chronic UTIs have stopped, and my sclera have cleared and the itching had stopped, which indicates improved liver function.

    • @Rattus that explains a lot of things

    • @Hein, I gather that you mean my reasonably innocuous health issues have some impact on my opinions, but I’m not sure how. Please elucidate.

    • The problem with these idiots that do not vaccinate their healthy children is that there are children that, due to various medical reasons, cannot tolerate the vaccination. Further, because of their medical problems, they are much more susceptible to complications from those diseases that some nimrod’s kids shouldn’t be carrying to begin with. Not only are they willfully ignorant but epically selfish as well. And when their precious one dies from a preventable disease they will be the first to start throwing lawsuits.

      And Dat, the majority of those that buy into this garbage are liberal “naturalist” nutcases. Do some research and you will quickly find that out.

    • @BigR, you should really do some research before you run erroneously off at the mouth. Conservatives are more likely to believe that vaccinations cause autism, and less likely to feel they should be mandatory. Just ask your Idiot-in-Chief.

  5. Tin foil hat April 14, 2018

    Then what are the chem trails for?

  6. Sulu he star of the show
    Other guys just along for the ride

  7. Yeah? How about calling them ‘cancer in 40 years’ instead?

    • you can’t vaccinate against cancer dumbass

    • FYI. But you can vaccinate against cancer causing viruses. Unfortunatly the virus causing dumbassery hasn’t been found yet. :-)

    • Too many different kinds of cancer, not all can be cured by same treatment. Problem.

  8. Nah bro not vaccinating ur kids is just an overdue abortion

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