Animals vs. Windows



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  1. Gerd Müller April 3, 2015

    window tastes good, must lick.

  2. Not as silly looking as humans vs. mirrors.

  3. Look at That! April 3, 2015

    They all have shades of pink tongues. Well, except for the couple with noses against the glass.

  4. Geddy Lee April 4, 2015

    As long as I don’t have to see that picture of that black bear’s long tongue, I’m fine.

  5. This is not how you install ubuntu, silly animals.

  6. So thats all the window lickers, what about the shoulder munchers and watch crackers???

  7. The_Potterhead+Whovian April 4, 2015

    Hmm, I don’t seem to be able to push it down… I’ll JUST LICK MY WAY THROUGH! ^~^

  8. Firefox has encountered a problem with windows.

  9. Anonymous April 8, 2015

    That’s so cute tho. Lol XD

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