Trump Truly Is an Amazing Man



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  1. Trump said p***y in a private conversation more than a decade ago and women take to the street wearing p***y-hats. Think about how much worse they would have behaved if Hillary had won and a real rapist had been in the White House again.

    • Hillary did rape someone? Don’t like her one bit, but this sounds like an outright lie, or how the Trump staff would call it, an alternative fact.

    • saturn, pay anteater no mind. That’s the *deflection* reflex of the brain-dead left.
      Their last, dying gasps of air, so to say….

    • Neurologist January 24, 2017

      Fun fact: writing a coherent post is not considered a reflex of a brain dead patient. In neurology it’s considered “oh, for ****’s sake… he’s alive and he’s OK! He didn’t even turn into a republican!”

    • No one cares that he has a potty mouth. The issue is he was bragging about sexual assault. Way to be a dumbass and miss the point by a country mile.

  2. Neurologist January 24, 2017

    That’s a fat woman? Wow… You hit rock bottom long ago, Liver, but obviously you found a cellar.

    • Trump is so fat he couldn’t even close his jacket during inauguration day. The U.S. are lost. We should build a wall around them and put a lid on it.

  3. The world would be a much better and happier place if all those protesting ladies had stayed home and made sandwiches for the menfolk.

    • Finland Lie! January 25, 2017

      March for Life is Friday. I’m sure the right will match the millions of marchers worldwide that we saw last Saturday.

    • Bob of the Loyalsock January 26, 2017

      Sammiches, it’s SAMMICHES!

    • Bob of the Loyalsock January 26, 2017

      @Finland Lie!
      We will have to evaluate attractiveness of the women between the two demonstrations. The prettiest wins.

  4. A week and a half later and this is still funny.

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