Anatomy of Shows: How TV Entertainment Is Made


“Anatomy of Shows” is a series of illustrations by Canadian cartoonist John Atkinson that breaks down the various genres of TV entertainment into their most basic elements. If you like his work and wish to support John’s future endeavours, check out his RedBubble store.

Anatomy of sit-com shows.

Anatomy of talent shows.

Anatomy of sports shows.

Anatomy of late night shows.

Anatomy of news shows.

Anatomy of period drama shows.

Anatomy of crime shows.

Anatomy of medical shows.

Anatomy of adult animated shows.

Anatomy of game shows.


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  1. Viaduct face May 28, 2022

    Yep! That’s about it!

  2. Anonymous May 28, 2022

    Late Night seems a bit outdated. At the moment Trump can’t do any damage to democracy and the planet. And if America is lucky he’ll be in prison in 2024.

  3. Grooming woke bull shit——————-Grooming woke bull shit

  4. Anonymous May 28, 2022

    Can’t wait until Trump is re-elected just to see the late night stooges heads explode.

    • Reply Guy May 28, 2022

      Their heads would explode with pleasure at the thought of so much material right at hand, all they would have to do is report on what he says or does, always outrageous and laughable if he didn’t have the power of the presidency behind him. The comedians wouldn’t need their writers working so hard either.

    • Anonymous May 28, 2022

      Trump back in office? That’s a lot material. A comedian’s dream, a democracy’s nightmare.
      If reelected he probably won’t get away with his crimes like last time. Flushing down papers in toilet won’t be enough. And as characters like Trump can’t keep loyal folk around, leaks will be everywhere.


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