Anatomy of Shows




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  1. 2014 SciPhi;
    * zombie apocalypse
    * hero march through the undead to an unsafe haven
    * mushi emotional discussion about the pointlessness of it all after some sex
    * encounter with living megalomaniacs/cannibals/zombies, and a major character dies
    (usually replaced by new talent at a lower pay scale)
    * overrun
    * repeat.

  2. So? And what is your point?

  3. Anatomy of slasher horror films.
    * a bunch of ppl having a good time
    * 1 or 2 couples having sex
    * killer appears
    * cell phones run out of battery, vehicles run out of gas and when everyone runs someone drops
    * killer somehow outruns everyone else even though he is walking and everyone else is running with a 1 hour headstart
    * killer kills everyone except 2 persons
    * after the credits finish those 2 persons end up dying

  4. 2 Days 'Til Odd Squad November 25, 2014

    Sports is the original reality television programming.

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