Gallery of the Worst Book Covers You Can Find on Amazon


Spending Christmas With a Yeti” and “Intensity

Sorcerer’s Duel” and “Voluspa-A Magical World

Tiger of Talmare” and “Reach for the Moon

Disbelief” and “Color Mage

The King’s Secret Service” and “Mega God

Can You Turn It Off?” and “Actual Funny Police Stories

ISIS: The Beauty Myth” and “Death in the Australian Outback

Save That Man” and “The Temptation of John Haynes

Bigfoot Bob” and “Bobby Massey and Team Bazzare

The Sons of Donigan” and “Love Laws

Taxicab to the Stars” and “Haunted

Signed Confessions” and “The Lost Journal of Robyn Hood

The Blood Between Us” and “The Queen’s Orb

Behind the Gem” and “Shield


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  1. HAHAHA! I want to read MEGA GOD.

  2. Well, some of the books seem as bad as their their cover art.

  3. Did they get 4 year olds to draw these? (the last one is ok though…. yum…)

  4. I wrote a book once, everyone hated it *sniff*.
    Looking at these covers I now know where I was going wrong, too many nipples and not enough yeti’s.

  5. Yikes! Some of these are awful. A few of them look dangerously close to that dinosaur – human erotica that has a following.
    “Reach for the Moon” made me actually laugh out loud.

  6. Actually I like “Save that man”, “Haunted” and the “Lost journal of Robyn Hood etc.”. They give me emotions.

  7. Anonymous March 1, 2015

    Having read through the Kindle preview of Mega God, I’m pretty sure it was written by Mac from It’s Always Sunny.

  8. Must be just self-published books with DIY covers, that’s all. It costs exactly zero to publish on Amazon KDP or with CreateSpace, in case you didn’t know. Shrug

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