20 Amazing Little Known Science Facts




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  1. Distropia June 19, 2014

    Church derived science. Pick your belief.

    • oil doesn't come from dinosaurs June 19, 2014

      Pretty sure this “science” came from a gov’t agency, probably the EPA. Pick your bureaucracy.

    • Let me tell you something: if one chooses to be an idiot, it makes not difference if he’s a religious person or an atheist – he’s still an idiot. I’ve met idiots and intelligent people on both sides. The religious idiots are larger in number, but the atheistic idiots are far more dangerous and vulgar.
      By the way, in my religion stupidity is considered to be a sin (unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped almost anyone). We’re all sinners… sigh

  2. Actually, the naturally occurring magnets work exactly as described (they just confused the gravity with the electromagnetism). The magnet indeed has inside pieces of electromagnetism – the specific gauge bosons (particles). Pieces of gravity, pieces of magnetism etc – that’s the essence of quantum physics (the physics of the small pieces).

    • I bet you just suck the fun out of every situation you’re a part of

  3. I’m a little skeptical…

  4. I’ve often wondered how they make decaf coffee…

    • A lot of truth in the above illustrations…

    • Anonymous June 20, 2014

      i agree with javi… every word is true in the pictures above… the sentences are very wrong, but that’s the easier step…. you must always get the words right, and only then should you worry about whole sentences…

    • @Anonymous Every word is true in what you’re saying also.

  5. Anonymous June 20, 2014

    Hahahaha. All ****

  6. 1- Mosquito saliva is injected when it bites, it acts as a localized anticoagulant and anaesthetic, but a mild allergic reaction causes it to itch.
    2- sweet potatoes have different stuff in them, so they taste different.
    3- They didn’t all die, crocodiles are one of many “living fossils”, insects existed with the dinosaurs (including mosquitoes!), birds evolved from dinosaurs too, look at a chicken’s legs to see scales from it’s dinosaur heritage.
    4- After emerging from hibernation the bear probably removes it’s winter but plug (they do this so they don’t shit themselves while hibernating), then finds something to eat.
    5- Pimples are annoying, washing the face with soap removes skin oils then help cause pimples, hormonal changes also cause them. Many teenagers have sex so…
    6- Magnetism is more closely related to electricity than gravity. Light and other radiation is “electro-magnetic” radiation. Electricity can be used to make electro-magnets. Not sure how it works though lol
    7- Probably, except oil companies are pretty good at lobbying solar power out of existence.
    8- When the leaf gets old the plant recycles some nutrients in it and loads it with waste it can’t get rid of otherwise, then the leaf drops.
    9- Uh yeah, no.
    10- Captain Obvious could tell you decaf coffee is different from normal coffee because the caffeine has been removed.
    11- They drill into oil reserves, really deep into them. Then they use a combination of pumps to pull up the oil and pumping air down to increase the force pushing the oil up.
    12- Was the name of the capsule the Russians sent.
    13- Tree growth speed varies, during warmer months they grow faster, leading to less dense, lighter wood rings, dark rings occur during slow growth in cold months and are because the wood is denser.
    14- Don’t wear shoes inside will stop this, it’s just polite and more sanitary too.
    15- Caffeine is a stimulant (an “upper” stimulant). Humans are extraordinary at finding and using drugs.
    16- To the layman it’s a vegetable, biologically it’s a fruit- it is the fruiting body of the tomato plant.
    17- Uh pretty much, there is also many proteins in the cell wall that help it function. Ni electronic goods though.
    18- Oil takes millions of years to form naturally. The easy solution is to synthetically make oil from plant oils, with the benefit this is carbon neutral! Of course the problem with this is it takes up valuable agricultural land that could be used for food.
    19- Not exactly sure on the chemistry but basically nicotine is also a stimulant. It helps you feel calm and focused, though withdrawals make you feel more stressed and distracted that you would if you didn’t smoke.
    20- Sweat and blood are both made from filtering water out of the blood. Salt is a very small molecule and passes through this filtration.

    Now my work here is done.

    • I'm not a Scientist June 20, 2014

      One thing we can tell about LogiC is that he/she is “Not a Scientist” either. All that effort to prove it to everyone. WhoooHooo!

    • Nope, but there is so many interesting, REAL facts to learn I just don’t see the point of these retarded fake facts. They make me sad :(

    • Anonymous June 22, 2014

      You must be a blast at parties…

    • So is light a wave or a particle? Not so smart now, are you.

    • @LogiC
      There’s more to life than logic: humor for instance. It’s sad that humor makes you sad.
      Let me explain: humor is a way to protect the logic of things by making fun (disapproving in a nice way) of stupid behavior. Happier now?

    • 18- Burning plant oil released carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Burning plants effectively does the same thing as burning fossil oil in that it removes carbon from the ground ant puts in the air.

  7. Anonymous June 21, 2014

    But, but, the one about dinosaurs getting stuck in holes, and the sunlight being re-directed to coal miners underground, those are TRUE!! My pastor told me!

  8. I feel smarter already!

  9. goof.troop June 25, 2014

    LogiC, why do you hate the children?

  10. I had always suspected decaf was made from dirt.

  11. Sweet potatoes grow on vines not on trees.

  12. Your mother March 22, 2015

    This reminds me BIOSHOCK, anyone?

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