Amazing Optical Illusions



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  1. Oh my gosh! These are amazing, especially the put in

  2. Billy Bong Thornton September 13, 2014

    The Shark isn’t there. I’ve been looking for 30 minutes!

  3. Stumblingduck September 14, 2014

    Am I missing something with these, or are they fake optical illusions?

  4. Actually the checkers illusion, in the version unaltered by the wicked fiendishness of Eatliver is quite amazing. See here:

  5. Funny. I see the head of Stalin, who killed much more people than Hitler.

  6. best troll evaaar

  7. hahahaha very very good ;)

  8. I think my IQ is errr zero

  9. Can’t figure out if this is a joke or some real optical illusions

  10. Old Blind Pew September 14, 2014

    I see it all. Just as described.

  11. I thought I saw Elvis back there!

  12. I didnt see the number 82

  13. I can see the flower but not the duck…

  14. Omg @ the chess board optical illusion.

  15. Help me out whats craick with the chess board. L followed that you tube link

  16. I can’t see shit on any of them

  17. I started to invent things to see.

  18. haha… wtf
    Cnt figure it out any of them

  19. i can see the concentration camp not the shark

  20. Philip J. Fry October 6, 2014

    Can’t tell if commenters are trolling or just slow.

  21. Luna Lovegood October 16, 2014

    this is a troll guys don’t waste time trying to see stuff lol

  22. I can’t see the shark, I can’t even see the sail boat!

  23. herman south africa November 23, 2014

    Cool very cool Trying to see the nothingness of modern man

  24. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    lol these r all fake

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