10 Amazing Little Known Facts



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  1. amadeus hinterweh October 19, 2014

    Only three wordts rhyming with “hat”?
    How about:
    at, bat, batt, batte, bhatt, blatt, brat, bratt, cat, catt, chat, dat, fat, flat, flatt, gat, gatt, glatt, gnat, hatt, hnat, jagt, kat, katt, klatt, krat, kratt, latke, mat, matt, matte, nat, pat, patt, platt, platte, pratt, pratte, rat, ratte, sat, schadt, shatt, slaght, slat, spat, splat, sprat, spratt, stat, tat, that, vat
    2 syllables:
    and that, arnatt, at-bat, bath mat, bear cat, begat, biernat, big cat, black cat, black rat, blue cat, bone fat, brown bat, brown rat, but that, buy at, call at, cave bat, chip at, combat, coon cat, delatte, deslatte, does that, down pat, eat at, elat, fall flat, fruit bat, gall gnat, get at, gnaw at, house cat, in that, is that, jest at, labatt, landsat, laugh at, leaf fat, look at, manx cat, mcnatt, mole rat, mud flat, mule fat, nonfat, north platte, of that, on that, pack rat, palm cat, peck at, pick at, place mat, play at, pluck at, poke at, prayer mat, prevatt, prevatte, pull at, quail at, red bat, rice rat, roof rat, sadat, sand cat, sand rat, sarratt, sea mat, shine at, shop at, snap at, south platte, stand pat, stay at, such that, to that, trade rat, true cat, tvsat, wharf rat, wing flat, wink at, with that, wood rat, wool fat, work at
    3 syllables:
    alley cat, a look at, arrive at, balyeat, baseball bat, beaver rat, become flat, bell the cat, big brown bat, bridle at, bristle at, burmese cat, channel cat, civet cat, connive at, cotton rat, cricket bat, dabble at, desert rat, excel at, fisher cat, flying cat, frosted bat, fungus gnat, guano bat, gujarat, hognose bat, horseshoe bat, inmarsat, jackass bat, jungle cat, leopard cat, looking at, maltese cat, marten cat, mastiff bat, miner’s cat, native cat, new world chat, norway rat, old world chat, orange bat, pallid bat, panther cat, persian cat, pocket rat, railroad flat, rat-a-tat, sewer rat, spotted bat, tabby cat, table mat, tiger cat, under that, valued at, vampire bat, water mat, water rat, welcome mat, what does that, wrestling mat
    4 syllables:
    angora cat, animal fat, blue channel cat, buffalo gnat, calico cat, chinchilla rat, chip away at, domestic cat, dwarf pocket rat, edible fat, egyptian cat, false vampire bat, kangaroo rat, little brown bat, mortal combat, naked mole rat, opossum rat, pocketed bat, siamese cat, true vampire bat
    5 syllables:
    carnivorous bat, madagascar cat, marsupial rat, orange horseshoe bat, ord kangaroo rat
    6 syllables:
    european brown bat, florida water rat

  2. Not true? Lie down, starts crying.

  3. Are non of these facts correct

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield October 19, 2014

      No they’re all 100% true. Before anyone can post on the internet, all facts have to be verified by the Internet Correctness Bureau for truthfulness. This is why it says your comment is ‘awating verification’ before it is published for the world to see.

    • Uhmm.. Facts are true because they’re facts and eatliver would never lie to us anyway..
      ***mutters something about true and fact being kind of synonymous..

    • Snizzlebert, I’ve never heard of the ICB. Is that true?
      I guess that is “Little known fact #11” on the list of completely true facts I appreciate others teaching me.
      I get my education on the Internet, its importanter.

    • cullengirl2000 December 30, 2015

      i think these facts r true exept 4 stefanie meyers becuz she is awesum i love her becuz she made twilight

  4. Mexican is not language, neither is hiapanic! We speak Spanish

  5. The helium core information is correct. Thats why Russian stoped deep drilling in the 70’s, as s gas leak would cause the earth to fall.

    • Nostrodidimus of Chesterfield October 20, 2014

      Also it would leave the solar system like a prematurely released balloon. The noise would be deafening!

    • Not to mention that everyone on Earth would start talking like Donald Duck

    • I think you meant the chipmunks, but I’ve never heard Donald duck on helium…

  6. Vladimir Sodoff October 20, 2014

    Stephanie Meyer was illiterate only until she was 17? I thought she still is.

  7. LOVED this! Finally a truly unique twist on these infernal quote-isms that get in the way of sane discourse… Cheers!

  8. The one about Mexico is wrong. Most people in Latin America speak Latin.

  9. Wow, people are insanely stupid.

  10. stop letting the trolls win people!

  11. This is rubbish wat dd u jst say 1 in 5 women cant do thats the funniest joke av eva heard in mah lyf seriously?

  12. Trolls can win people? How does that happen?

  13. My edumacation is now complete

  14. You are so stupid November 9, 2014

    Not one of these is true.

  15. bwch please November 9, 2014

    go milk a jellyfish and drink its milk

  16. Someone had some pot mixed with meth and cocaine before writing this.

  17. These “facts” sound like something they would teach at those Scientology schools. XD
    I mean, they do believe Xenu brought billions of people to Earth in an UFO and stacked them around volcanoes then detonated hydrogen bombs in the volcanoes releasing all the “thetans” into humanity. If they believe that, then they’d probably have no problem believing the Earth is just a helium balloon in space …

  18. i’m pretty sure the person who wrote that poece was high on 3 different illegal subsatnces.

  19. stephanie meyer wrote romeo an d juliet??. LOL. Damn good.

  20. It’s all true, every word of it is true! in fact Its a big ball of trueness rolling down a hill squashing all the non believers of true, now you wouldn’t want to be a squished non believer would you?

  21. I don’t eat cucumbers after reading the above…very informative.

  22. There are bound to be a few wrecks while running in the human race ! Stripped gears !Blown motors !Flat tires Ripped up skin! But its about finishing ! First or last FINISH !

  23. WE all know we can’t dig threw the center of the earth cause it filled with water and was sealed with concrete !

    • Yep, Lincoln’s body is down there. They through it in just before they sealed it up.

  24. Jesus christ January 14, 2015

    These comments are being recorded for quality assurance.

  25. What rhymes with “satire” ?
    How about “flat tire.”
    Or “hat fire”
    “Cat pyre”
    “Fat sigher”
    “Rat buyer”
    “Sat by her”
    “Tat tyer”
    “Vat wire”

    • PatronasKitty7 December 30, 2015

      I hope you know that when a word rhymes with something, they don’t have to have the same amount of syllables. So, you could have just taken out the first word in all of those and it would still rhyme.

  26. M. W, Curtess January 3, 2016

    Yeah! It suckered me in, but weird! I can’t figure out what I was sold! Amazing! I spent 5 minutes and wasn’t stimulated to BUY something. Nothing amusing, and nothing even vaguely interesting. Was it something that originated in the White House or Congress? Humiliating!

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