Don’t Try To Understand Women



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  1. Rattus/Boyodd/Daman/Norvegicus whichever persona you are now
    The stage is set start your blabbering

    • The opinion of anyone who actually thinks this way is not worth the paper it’s been wiped on.

      Happy now?

    • @Tempname/Rattus
      Seems like you don’t have a brain powerful enough to generate an original comeback other than stooping to the most elementary form….. copying with simple rudimentary changes to the sentence structure in a feeble attempt to make it sound as original as possible.
      I don’t blame you though a lack of proper education and a plethora of bad experiences does this to someone.
      I pity you I truly do.😥

      Also don’t waste your time trying to respond 😥

    • Oh, the irony. 😁

    • @U-max
      You know your talking to a woman right at least show some respect I doubt you have any

    • Woman? Don’t you mean man troll

    • @Rattus
      Oh wow you know how to use emoticons
      Claps for rattus🖐

    • Looks like rattus got burned lol😂

    • That is what you consider to be a “burn”? *sigh*

    • @Rattus
      Don’t give these people your time of day they obviously got no manners or respect

    • @Rattus
      What do you check this site every 2 minutes what an interesting life you have

    • My phone is sitting on my desk. As I wait for functions to process on my computer, I have time to neither complete another task nor to delve into the book I’m reading. I consider commenting here to be an adequate use of those little bits of empty time. You will note almost no entries from me evenings and weekends – that’s because that is when I’m actually having a life.

    • As I’ve said earlier, look for punctuation. Neither of the above posts was made by me. They all lack wit – and proper pauses made by symbols like these : , . ? !

      On that note, I really enjoy these discussions. Women needs to be challenged in their mindset of being the superior sex.

      In this time and age, men are being frowned upon, just because they are men.


    • @Rattus
      I’m not against you the trolls are using my name too

    • @Rofl32, a little odd that one of them (assuming there is more than one) has suggested that I have a dull life, no?

    • No troll ever used my name. All posts are really from me.

    • I think one of the impsoters lost a crazy amount of braincells

  2. but it IS true that they hate each other

    • It really isn’t.

    • Completely and utterly. Especially the ones more attractive than themselves.

    • You really need to associate with a better class of people because that absolutely is not the norm. Amongst Bundys and their like, sure, but not amongst the reasonable. Anyone who suggests otherwise may as well suggest that all men are rapists because both ideas share the same roots.

  3. It is not so wrong. The strongest enemy for women on the way to emancipation are other women. Men come second.

    • The strongest enemy of women is me. I hate all of them.

    • But you are of no consequence.

    • Women on the way to emancipation? What political, social, or legal restrictions are women not free of here in western society? Are women being held in slavery? Unwillingly? Please tell us more about women’s emancipation.

  4. Less than well educated March 5, 2018

    I look that way when the wife is speaking to me. Mind blank, eyes open, in one ear, out the other. Automatic response is, Yes Dear.

    • Less than well educated's wife March 5, 2018

      Go clean the dishes

    • Less than well educated March 6, 2018

      Dishes are in the dishwasher, laundry is in the dryer, bed is made, and supper will be ready in anhour. Love you Dear.

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