Dangers of Same-Sex Couples Adopting Children



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  1. I do think that. But MAN was that an awesome one. Laughed my **** off XD

  2. I know one gay couples who adopted a boy and he eas very well raised and educated. I find your picture will feed homophobic thoughts without any reason, since you base them on science fiction and I know a real case. I am sad for your prejudice ant this site will no longer be my favorite

    • Wow, dude… wow…

    • you must be really fun at parties…

    • Dr. Itchy Fingers February 16, 2015

      My recommendation for you would be to remove the footlong 2×4 wedged upside your posterior. That just can’t be comfortable.

    • I think you missed the joke. February 17, 2015


    • Lazier Than Thou February 17, 2015

      People are going to be afraid of gay people because of Darth Vader?
      Wow, that’s new.

    • It's a jeep thing.... February 25, 2015

      It was, (and still is), an extremely funny joke. You must have been raised by parents with NO sense of humor.

  3. I totally agree with Antonio. It was someone’s (bad) idea of a joke but the question of people’s rights when they only just won them after years of hard work for them is not amusing.

    • This pic actually makes fun of people who oppose this type of adoption. It’s a parody. Geez…

    • I think you missed the joke. February 17, 2015

      The whole point of this picture is that it’s taking the piss out of people who think this. ****’s sake you imbecile, did you even read it before putting the PC siren on?

  4. Gay people would only raise gay children, since straight people obviously only raise straight children.

  5. Wait. QuiGon died… so Obi Wan raised him alone… so Single Parents are bad? And Tarkin blew up the Planet, Vader was just in the room when it happened, so is the message, “Hey, these Gay guys raised a kid, who grew up to work with a guy who blew up a planet?” So.. kids raised by a gay couple have ******* co-workers?
    Or is the message, Look These Gay Guys pulled a kid out of a horrible situation, told him he was the chosen one, which made him an arrogant *******, was manipulated by another Father Figure into betraying his adopted Father Figure, killing all his friends and co-workers, and oppress the universe because his adoptive Father was forced into raising him because of his Father Figure?
    So over zealous Father Figures trying to have a positive impact on the universe is bad?
    Or is the message your **** ups, **** up your kid?
    I am getting a real mixed message here! :^P

  6. I feel sorry for Rosie O’Donnell’s adopted kids.

  7. Generally it is much harder for gay couples to adopt a child, so they have to be much more motivated and qualified to do so. There are worse things too. Case in point: Honey Boo Boo’s mother recently got back together with her ex-con boyfriend, who was first jailed many years ago for sexually molesting her then young child. That Honey Boo Boo would have so much better of a life with a gay couple than that fat, disgusting, abusive pig that her mother is.

  8. It's a jeep thing.... February 25, 2015

    It is a joke. It is not serious and it is funny. My Uncle Jonh and his husband both laughed…. lol.

  9. You’ll never hear about what evils these children eventually grow into…the devil doesn’t expose his own- it lessens his power to bring down true good.

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