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  1. Angry comment fight about religion starting in 3… 2… 1…

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob December 25, 2015

    Joe Bob wants to know why they have dinner plates behind their heads? I told him I think it was Photoshoped.

    • Tell Joe Bob it’s Christmas. You don’t eat a Christmas meal from the ground like some kind of animal – you use a dinner plate.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob December 25, 2015

      But Doc, J.B. thought them plates was hung on a wall and the people were stood just rite to git the picture. I said, “No J.B., that there is two pictures and it’s photo shopped.” Round these parts we use plates like anybody else. Some paper plates work better’en others, but I’d don’t want to point fingers. And Merry Christmas to you, if I that don’t insult ya.

    • Actually, the “halo” stems from sun worship, just applied to what is today called christianity. A lot of christianity has been compromised by the adoption of pagan holidays and traditions; Christmas is/was the Roman Saturnalia, Easter is related to Ishtar, a fertility goddes, complete with crossed buns and bunnies representing the prolific mating bunnies do. And people seldom/never question it, wich is exactly what organised religion wants.
      Yours in Messiah Yahshuah’s name!

    • @josh- hay I come her to git laffs, not to git edumakashun.

    • Well done, Josh. Educate them.
      Remember those “plates” on old egyptian gods. They are practically the same. Symbols of the sun. Actually the stories of Jesus and Horus have many parallels. And you can find amazingly familiar statues of newborn Horus and his mother.
      Look it all up. Merry Christmas… or whatever. ;-)

  3. grammarqueen December 25, 2015

    Wondering Mary was way to wasted when she was on a date with that stranger on a bus.

  4. Maybe she lied?

  5. @Abnormalguy; so sorry!
    @EUro; Yes, Horus, Isis, and the rest predate the birth of messiah in flesh, as does Semiramis, Nimrud, and the rest, thanks for pointing that out. However, Akhenaten (who may have fathered king Tut) took it too far and tried to buck the other gods and their priests for the Aten, or solar disk, and the priests eventually took him down.
    Semiramis and Nimrud – where we get the yule log, decorated pine trees, and a son rising from the dead as well as a host of other pagan traditions grafted into what is termed christianity. However, Adam was told by the word that a messiah would come in 5500 years to get him back into the garden, and right on time, Yahshuah was born unto us.

  6. scott gallant December 25, 2016

    There’s a 0.1% chance you’ll give birth to Jesus.

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