Putin Likes Bling, But Isn’t Very Bright

Where can I get one of those shiny necklaces with "T" on it? That's a cross. Across from where?

24 thoughts on “Putin Likes Bling, But Isn’t Very Bright”

  1. Trudeau gets a dressing down about Democracy from European Parliament.
    He stands there with his arrogant grin while being told he is a tyrant. One
    member from the EU parliament said Trudeau admires the Communist China
    style of government.

  2. You need a shrink.

  3. Or something. Nobody wants to kick the gimp’s crutch, no matter how fun it might have been to count coup on Sasquatch Isreal.

  4. So wait.. your saying he was called a dictator and worse by parliament members to his face? You understand that really happened right. There’s video. It was on all the news feeds.. how can something that really happened be denied by people? Clown world.

  5. He was only called that by a few extreme right wing politicians. The majority of people with more moderate political beliefs support him.
    Canada is like most countries in that it has it’s share of extremists, idiots, anti-vaxers, conspiracy theorists and so on. In your view anybody who tries to crack down on that and restore some degree of sanity is a dictator.
    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!

  6. I’ve always wondered if you got 2 hard core communists in a room what they talk about? My assumption has always been 5 year plans, but bling works too.

  7. While Rebel News and micro news services around the world may be covering this, rest assured that CBC and Amerikan MSM are not. It was quite embarrassing for Justine.

    But you might as well be convincing them of space aliens for those that suck at the government phalis have a different truth, a different reality.

  8. Just google and you will find it on the webpages of CBC.

  9. “Trudeau admires the Communist China style of government.” So why jailing criminal Chinese business people (with connections to the CPC)?
    You make no sense, moron. You narratives are so full of plotholes. One Google (or whatever search engine) search debunk your claims. You can’t even make up a decent conspiracy. Fail.

  10. It’s probably as real as the storm on the capital. Which wasn’t real, right? It was a false flag by Antifa, right?
    So, this is a false flag from the alt-right, I’d say.

  11. We all know that. But that morons just denies it. Your arguments will hit empty space between his ears.

  12. Oooh, he remembered a word from school. Impressive.

  13. Putin is living the GOP’s dream. Already building concentration camps for Ukrainians. That’s what the GOP wants for all free thinking Americans. They have a dream.

  14. They do not come to destroy Ukraine’s crops or villages. They come to destroy its people. Down to the last child.

  15. It’s de Nazification and biolab removal on his door step. America or any country with balls would do the same. But hey you twist it as you see fit.

  16. Is this you Justin? Sneaky little bud#$r trying to make tyranny acceptable.

  17. Yes, it’s me. I have nothing else to do than answering your posts on Eatliver.
    (No, I’m not really him. Or am I?)

  18. Attacking neighbouring countries and building concentration camps is nazification. Just saying… Soon Putin will use chemical and biological weapons against civilians.

  19. Justin is trying sooooo hard to be noticed by world leaders. The ones he
    secretly admires , Russia, China, Venezuela, Miramar, and North Korea
    have all ignored him. He wanted Biden to be his BFF, but was ignored. At
    least Queen Elizabeth let him stay for tea, she knew Boris Johnson wasn’t
    going to invite him.

  20. No-one respects that Lil twerp except for the mindless automatons that voted him in. No country wants get near him. Except Ukraine, but that’s just because they love black face so much their children use it in their games.

  21. Putin bot says Nazi. Drink (not vodka)!

  22. Putin voted himself in.

  23. So did sleepy joe

  24. The stable genius was outwitted by sleepy Joe? Respect!

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