Terribly Fugly Sweaters From The 1980s


If you have any doubt that 1980s was the most horrific decade in fashion, take a look at these sweaters. Someone should go to jail for this crime against humanity!


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  1. I’d wear them.

    • Only on dark nights during a power failure, and then, only among sleeping blind people……

  2. E.A. Presley November 10, 2016

    For our defense, we had only 8 bits back then…

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob November 10, 2016

    Heck, them ain’t so bad. Joe Bob’s got one with pink elefants on it pro-creating. Good thing Joe Bob’s big, it takes a lot of sweater to show elefants.

  4. you’ve just ripped the soul from my formative years….this is why i voted brexit!

  5. most of them are awesome

  6. muhammad awais November 12, 2016


  7. You’re wanted in Mr. Rumbold’s office.

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