How 2020 Turned Out


Nothing could have prepared me for this.


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  1. Sir Loin of Steak June 9, 2020

    I was expecting an arrow to the knee.

    • Kismai Noblebut June 9, 2020

      I used to be an adventurer like you

    • Graf Ehrwald von Hirsenbrei June 9, 2020

      The knee would be a self inflicted injury. See your tutor for more on metaphores.

    • Graf> It’s not a direct metaphor. It’s a legend told by thepeople that protect the cities Whiterun and Solitude.

      Ask your younger familymembers about taking an arrow to the knee. More specific, those that play PC games.

      Alternatively, find a gamemetaphor tutor online :D

      Stay safe. Stay hidden. Stay metaphoric

    • Graf Ehrwald von Hirsenbrei June 10, 2020

      I choose to ignore your childish reference to computer play and old metaphores, boy.

  2. Prepper McPrepper Face June 9, 2020

    Well as it turns out it went very well. Reminds me of the Frank Burns quote;
    “Never have so many suffered that so few could be so happy”

    • Donald Trump June 9, 2020

      I’m happy. And George is happy with me. I’m sure.

  3. Anonymous June 9, 2020

    Its just a flesh wound

  4. Sofnyseara June 9, 2020

    Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.

  5. Yeah, it’s been that kind of year, and it’s not even half over yet. Let’s hope it improves by November.

  6. just sayin' June 13, 2020

    …or will the Turkeys vote for an early Christmas?

  7. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    After November all this man made chaos will be over and Trump can do again what he did before. You know lowest unemployment in history. Lowest Black unemployment in history etc.. etc.. it’s all going be okay. You’ll see.

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