10 Questions Stupid Atheists Can’t Answer




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  1. Only if you believe in design…

    • The “belief” that life is undesigned or a purposeless accident explains “why” Romans 1:22 is truth

  2. This is a shitpost yeah? I honestly can’t tell

    • The correct title here should be “ten stupid questions”

  3. Who knows, Noah! Any help will be gratefully accepted before my head melts. I thought we Irish were religious mutters but this is a whole new dimension…speaking of which…..

  4. I meant nutters, of course!!!!!

  5. Oh god the banana argument. Have you ever heard of GMOs

    • Unlike the parent organism, it is bred from the Cavendish banana is just a sterile clone unable to reproduce on its own and not at all a “GMO”

  6. Paul McCabe March 6, 2017

    Do not despair Kin. This can go only one way!!! Downwards…

  7. Paul McCabe March 7, 2017

    Anonymous, can you prove who wrote Romans? And not just because it’s in the bible…just asking? Anyone ever produced evidence other than faith?

    • Faith is based on the evidence that life is not a purposeless accident.

  8. Paul McCabe March 11, 2017

    Ah… more waffle

  9. Paul McCabe March 12, 2017

    I’m afraid the only confirmation is your desperation to answer valid criticism by quoting a book of fables which contains the basis for your delusional adherence to the man in the sky theory. The Bible is a fantasy from which creationists pick and choose as suits, ignoring the inherent contradictions found in it. But if it makes you happy, good for you. Unfortunately neither of us will be able to carry the conversation on into the afterlife as there isn’t one. Having said that, if a heaven existed and was full of self righteous, condescending and supercilious religious individuals currently inhabiting the real world, it might just represent Hell.

    • Fixating on the Bible and using it as an excuse to justify rejection of God is a standard deception which only further confirms Romans 1:20 ,and such dedication to a backward superstition which presumes life is a purposeless accident even though science proves otherwise can only be characterized as truly incredible.

  10. Paul McCabe March 14, 2017

    Oh dear. Fixating on the bible? Is it not the bedrock upon which all your tenets are founded? Here is a simple question… If your god is all loving, all powerful, all knowing and all forgiving, why do Innocent children get abused and raped and murdered and mutilated and beaten? Is that the world of your god? If it is then he must be a pretty sick being with an even sicker sense of humour. And when innocent people were dying from disease and famine for 100,000 years, why did your superior being wait until a few thousand years ago to send his son to be mutilated on a cross? Some father but it may explain my first question. And no quotes from the book of fairy tales please, just an honest answer derived from an honest look at yourself. It makes me so angry to see little ones suffer and to hear the all time worst excuse…it’s all part of his plan!

    • That is illogical and a contradiction since If God and his plan are rejected then from the anti theist perspective such an inquiry does not apply.

  11. Hunter Rose March 18, 2017

    I used to think there were ‘no stupid questions’. I now know there are ‘batshit ignorant’ questions for certain.

  12. Paul McCabe March 19, 2017

    Isn’t it very noticeable that anonymous chose clearly not to answer the very simple question I posed and tried to turn it round to atheism? Speaks volumes and sums it all up…a refusal to look inwardly and recognise the illogical! Again I would ask for an explanation…or is anonymous afraid to say?

    • Noted is the deception and further illogical contradiction since from the anti theist perspective, there is no acknowledgement of God or his plan therefore there cannot be any moral judgement regarding his actions.

  13. Paul McCabe March 20, 2017

    And just to make it clear… Does an all powerful and loving god allow children to be murdered…whether the questioner is an atheist or a deist? So it’s yes or no and we shall see where logic comes into play. No doubt to be answered by another quote from romans or a full body swerve which will, in itself answer the question.

    • Using disapproval of God’s plan as an excuse for rejection is a deception and reconfirms Romans 1:20 exactly as written.

  14. Paul McCabe March 20, 2017

    Surely, as a Vulcan, you must realise that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Ergo, god allows innocent child death…as acknowledged in the old testament with the lovely angel of death

    • Utilizing judgement of God or his creation as an excuse for rejection is a deception and distraction.

  15. Paul McCabe March 23, 2017

    Oh dear…unable to answer, my Vulcan foe. Your silence merely reflects your failure to respond to a simple yes or no question without quoting romans. I have a very funny feeling you know the exact answer but cannot bring yourself to say it. If you did, your house of cards would collapse.

    • Such persistence producing excuses for the rejection of God is an amazing feat and truly monumental which includes in lieu of acknowledging the truth a deceptive fixation on the Bible which has become a popular pastime for the peddlers.

  16. Paul McCabe March 25, 2017

    But you still don’t answer….your refusal however merely makes clear your difficulty acknowledging the only response possible. Asking if your all loving god sanctions the murder of innocents has nothing to do with the bible. You, however, fixate on talking about it to avoid simple answers. The only remarkable feat here is your peddling nonsense in the third person thereby portraying your robot like responses from a catalogue of replies on a hard drive. Your refusal to answer my previous question probably implies that your only possible way out of your theological mess is “does not compute”.

    • Just producing deceptive illogical reasons or excuses for rejection and even more babbling anti theist monotone verifies that from the perspective life is a purposeless accident, there can be no rational meaningful interpretations or inquiry regarding natural principles

  17. Paul McCabe March 25, 2017

    You, my friend, are stuck for an answer.

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