Beautiful Ladies from Russian Social Networks



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  1. what is with the russian girl toilet and “carpet at the wall” fetish?

    • Anonymous May 6, 2014

      There is no fetish, this is just life that surrounds them. Like Americans like photos with fish, Dodge or in university hoodies – with something that happening with them everyday.

    • Giant carpets are not things that happen everyday… are they?

    • its freaking cold in russia, thats why the wall carpet…

  2. Dick Richie May 5, 2014

    We have established russias love affair with rugs. What is with the toilets?

    • LandLord May 5, 2014

      That’s where the dream of Great Russian Empire goes to die.

    • I think they are proving the fact that they have in door plumbing. I’m better than you type crap.

    • kommissar May 8, 2014

      they think they’re potato washers.

    • Anonymous June 4, 2014

      Landlord, suck a shotgun

  3. So unoriginal…
    …move along…nothing to see here.

  4. Some of them have pretty neat sense of humor.

  5. At least you know what you’re getting…

  6. The crossed eyed one is a freak!!! I just know… just sayin.

  7. Sir Crazy May 5, 2014

    All I see here are ogres, sasquatch, men, wolverine’s sister and a bunch of rabid animals.

  8. So this is the master race from the east claiming other people’s land and being superior due to some Czar Putin’s super karate powers.
    Hell… I think we better go for another try of german rulership over the world. They may not have any sense of humor but a much better sense of style. … And their women are much prettier.

    • Style-ish May 9, 2014

      LOL Germans with style?? I see tons of ’em going around with sandals and socks in summer, that’s fugly and ridiculous!

    • Stylish, you do realize they have a foot-fetish epidemic in Germany. Socks are like bras for germans, since they don’t wear bras.

    • ahahaha…i am german but i loved that “socks are like bras” comment XD

    • Russian man July 15, 2014

      Germans will not rule the world. They already can’t rule their own immigrants

  9. One with potato has half used syringe in background!

    • Adolf Skroatler June 11, 2014

      She loves potato drugs.

    • Heart Shaped Potato August 19, 2014

      And I believe that is the sink on her right side, … filled with dirty water???? what IS that..!!!

  10. STUpid. Not to mention, UGly!

  11. Some people get the incredibly unfortunate end of the ugly stick. :/

  12. The rolling around in garbage pic literally made me gag. That is a whole new level of nasty.

    • Or the one in the hole in the street!!?? WTF?

    • They are photoshopped ;)

    • Angry Andrey July 26, 2014

      The girl in the street pool is not photoshopped. I recognize my town (Orekhovo-Zuevo)… Damn, people in the background wear coats, it looks pretty cold for her to stay there. But boredom is calling…

  13. Hey everybody, you shouldn’t make fun of people with disabilities.

  14. Anonymous May 6, 2014

    “In Russia, toilet flushes you!”

  15. Anonymous May 7, 2014

    Hmmm, seems that they have their own group of Wal-Martians…

  16. ugliest men I’ve ever seen

  17. Anonymous May 7, 2014

    They look like they should be hooked up in a harness so they can pull the ice wagon around.

  18. Anonymous May 7, 2014

    this is why it´s called “soweird russia”

  19. I’m ordering the one holding the chicken !!

  20. they look like idiots.. lol..

  21. I notice there are no toilet lids in the pictures.
    do they just squat to poop?

  22. cool girl July 8, 2014

    most arent preety

    • Russian man July 15, 2014

      It’s just few of 200 000 000 people. Half are not Russian. You can see it from letters on newspaper. Anyways everybody can post lots XXXXXL sized «piggy» americans. Just look Carline’s show.

  23. Anonymous July 13, 2014

    I bet if we went and collected all the ugly pics of all other nations, we’d have a list like that as well.

  24. common sense guy July 13, 2014

    Russians are definitely a different not so attractive,almost cold breed!!

  25. The carpet thing is explained by the freezing cold weather of Russia and the poor people with horrible, nasty houses without heating system.

  26. A lower of funny Walmart pic's July 14, 2014

    Poor collection by a hater of Russia:-/
    By the way, Russian ladies don’t read Ukrainian newspapers.

  27. slav squatting on the toilet seat!?!? Wow some of these ladies must be disabled someway..

  28. My god, is russia typically this nasty?I mean,the girl in the tub for example,the groutlines on the tile are nasty,omg.

  29. They are Ukranians, idiots!

  30. I live around a huge amount of Russians. I want to slap the neighbor when she yells in Russian. I’m going to slap English into her vocabulary.

  31. Russian lady July 16, 2014

    It is so stupid to make conclusion about Russia on several pictures of strange girls ..don’t you know that Russian girls are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world?? You should come and look..and I’m afraid you will be envious then ..

  32. Anonymous July 16, 2014

    Big carpets were in trend in Soviet Russia in 1970-1980-x. They were the symbols of well-being. Now they are out-of-date and laughable, but somewhere in the distant regions or in the country they are still popular.
    Concerning the popularity of toilets – it dazes and makes laugh me too. :)
    Definitely not all these girls are Russians – we can see from letters on some pics that they are Ukrainians.
    And, look, Russia is a very big country with 140-millions population, and many more with other ex-soviet republics – and are you surprised that there can be some ugly and freakish girls in its social nets? I think pics are taken from some russian comic community like “The School of freaks”. The better part of our girls are real beauties.

    • Russian Women August 19, 2014

      To Anonymous: I believe that last sentence you wrote.

  33. Is someone stealing all the toilet seats in Russia?

  34. Angry Andrey July 26, 2014

    Stop saying that “stupid people can b met in every country” etc. I don’t think the percentage of them is so high in any country. This is not stupidity – this is national esthetics. I am Russian and I’ve had more than enough of this stuff. They really love squatting in any place (both devochkas (girls) and malchiks (boys)) and their houses are really crammed with rubbish looking like nomadic tents. Pity photos only can show the way they live but not the way they think. And the most funny is that I bet 80 % of these beauties being asked would say she is proud of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chaikovsky. And they like to blame Communists for all the ridiculness they should blame themselves.

  35. firefighter Phil July 29, 2014

    one looks like Groucho Marx’s sister

  36. pewdiepie used some of these pictures ;) i bet he didnt wanted to use the last one

  37. Big in Japan August 7, 2014

    At least these women have expectations so low that even some of you dochebuckets would have a chance to keep them happy :)

  38. thhEes gals wanna b kool check the second last one that gal looks eval

  39. Whatta? What??? WTF???

  40. Yes, the newspaper next to the girl with the banana is Ukrainian, not Russian!

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